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  • edited March 2019
    @Crigence and @rcreger

    I made some changes to SB3. regarding a major mechanic change, The multiplier (represented by the white bar) is now its own counter, and multiplier now gained at 3 times its original speed. There is no longer a max multiplier, and multiplier is also increased by collecting cores- oh, right, cores are back! They do exactly what they did the first two games, and now function as currency in the all new-and-improved shop! Ships are now their own menu item instead of using the stepper, so finding the ship you like is a lot easier and faster! Check it out!

    Menus have been given a little more animation, as suggested by Crigence

  • Try mine! it is called The Ruins, by=^._.^=
  • Link don't work
  • oh, I just saw i made game of the week, thanks dude I love that you love the game!
  • First, @CrimsonBlackGames , are you asking for a re-review? (If you are, please leave a link)

    And second, uh.. It wont let me do your username, but yeah, your link did not work. Try re-posting.

    And, you're welcome @Creeper Bones , it was a fantastic game! Remember: Week three started yesterday after I gave out the Game of the Week, so any reviews after it has a chance. Thanks!
  • edited March 2019
    Well, I looked up your game (I would put you username =^._.^=, but it won't let me), and it had some surprises up it's sleeves! Here is what I had thought:

    1) Sometimes the menu just flashes by without me clicking anything. It may be just me, but from the glimpse I got, it looks pretty decent.
    2) I have to say, those controls are very odd, and I haven't played a game with these controls before, and can get a bit frustrating at times.
    3) Nice art, but they don't all seem to fit together. There is a cartoon-ish character with unlined enemies that are pretty nice recolored default enemies. Then there is some pretty realistic blocks and bendy ground. It just doesn't fit in any style.
    4) The variety of enemies are very nice, and have different abilities as well. Well done!
    5) The death animations for the enemies are very well made, and impressive! A death animation and a different animation for the characters jump would be good.
    6) This is the first game on FlowLab that I've seen that there is emotes, and gives the game even more life! Great job!
    7) The clouds are very nice touch, but why are they in front of the structures? And why did they take so long to start appearing?
    8) The storyline is lacking a lot in this, and I'm not sure what exactly what I'm doing in this game, such as why are these monsters here? Are those sharks? What is that objective? Try to put in an in-game alert for the player, and possibly a tutorial.
    9) I think the jump pads are a very good addition, but seem pointless in some areas of the obstacles.
    10) One thing I noticed is that there is nothing to replenish your health. Maybe make a health pack, or just something small to make your health go up a bit.

    I think this is a very good start for this game, and definitely has potential! It just falls flat in certain areas that needs some more attention. It has many great components however, with several things I hadn't seen on FlowLab before (One reason why I like reviewing other peoples games, to see these new and original ideas). Very nice work!

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this a 6.5/10, and is not as small as it seems, it just needs a bit more attention, especially to some of the controls, and some clarification for the player to know what is going on and what they are fighting, and most important, what are they fighting for. Thanks for letting me review, and good luck!
  • edited March 2019
    Oh WOW @CrimsonBlackGames :lol: It just keeps on getting better! Your games never fail to amaze! Here is what I had thought about it:

    (Re-reviews consist of 5 comments)
    1) The menu took my breath away! It just felt so eerie, heck, it made me feel something in general! The music and the slow moving background is just working together perfectly. Nice work!
    2) Have I ever mentioned how great the mode choosing menu looks? Especially with the shake effect? It is very nice, and, again, something very few games do! The only thing I can think of is to add some music to it.
    3) I just love that spark thing you have for this game! From the explosions to the trails, it is like it's own theme! Very nice work!
    4) I really like the new shop style! It is a lot easier to navigate, and much more enjoyable!
    5) I never realized how fun the gameplay was with the physics look, with the way how the ship turns. Magnificent!

    This game was good before, and still good now! Man, it is going to be hard for people to beat this for Game of the Week! Everything just tied together very well, all it needed was a dash of more music, which could have just been my computer. Very great work and effort!

    (Ratings out of 10) This had gotten and 8.5/10 last time, and this really deserves a 9.5/10 after all of this hard work! This was a very well done, and is one of FlowLab's finest games, and deserves to be on the front page (Hey @grazer , think about it). Also, thanks for giving the link for another website, it ran a lot better for me, and let me make a more enjoyable re-review! Just bravo, magnificent, fantastic! And good luck with any other's you make, or any updates you desire to create, and thanks again!
  • edited March 2019

    A Boy in Armor has received several updates improving several components and additional content has been added. You can can check out the update log (looking at description) here:

    Or you could play it here, to either play it for the first time, or to check out any progress:

    Thanks, and if you have a review up (Or want to make one) you can absolutely use this! Thanks again, and have a great day!

    EDIT: Keep on sending games, I just wanted to show you guys my progress with my own stuff.
  • @rcreger do I have to spam games at you or can you just look at @microgamer1 's? Lol Rofl :grin:
  • Sorry i probably left wrong link, here is the right one
  • You could honestly leave a list of games you want me to try (Without that major gaps, mind you) and I could go through the list, the games would of course have to be either new or don't have a re-review @meburningslime . Just try to keep it as small as possible so the discussion remains as candid as possible. Thanks!
  • Thanks for sending the link @Andrejs ! I knew it was a different game, but I didn't know if you wanted me to do that one, or the one I'm doing now (Pink Guy Adventures) so thank you. Here is what I had thought:

    1) First off, no menu, kind of just jumps into the game, and there is no game music. Make sure to add these!
    2) The character art is pretty decent, though I could tell the trees you are walking on top (Why are you walking on trees?) are obviously the default with some changes. Maybe make your own to show your own creativity.
    3) That... Scream.. Scared me so bad! Was that on purpose, so that there is no sound till you die, then POP sound, to scare you? If that was the intention, well done!
    4) I'm sorry, but those typos and punctuation..
    5) You should really make it so that you don't restart the whole game after you die.
    6) I like how they difficulty gets harder when going to the next level. Nice work!
    7) I thought it was a neat idea to give little clues that some tree areas cannot support you, as the ones with lines hold you up, as the plain ones don't. Very sneaky..
    8) A good description telling you the objective and controls would make this a lot better.
    9) I really liked some of the obstacles you put in here, and that you had to get through the enemy to go to the next part (or end).
    10) The animations are actually pretty nice, but a death animation would be even better, or maybe some special moves.

    Well, this game seems like it is trying to make a joke of something, and it did it pretty well, it just seemed cut short, a bit lacking in creativity, and lacking in some music. But this game could go forward, you just need to put some more work into it.

    (Ratings out of 10) I'll get this a startup of a 5.5/10, because, to be honest, isn't the best game, and isn't ready to be officially done, but if you put more work into it, some more creativity and music, it will get there eventually! So good luck, and keep on working!
  • edited March 2019
    Wait... the creator if the Boy in Armor needs no depressing items, hes either psycho or just really likes to kill people
  • I'm sorry that came out kinda rude :cry:
  • Well, here comes the long list of @meburningslime 's games everyone :lol: and this is Tower Defense: The Grand War. Here is what I had thought:

    1) No menu.. Add menu's guys! They make games look more professional!
    2) Add some music and sound FX too. It is lacking some life from that.
    3) The graphics look pretty good, obviously from that one example game by @grazer , but still looks nice with this. Nice work!
    4) Speaking of the art, some animations for the enemies and the character will also give it plenty of life as well.
    5) The gameplay is fun, but can get boring. Maybe add in some power-ups?
    6) The variety of enemies is really nice, and those are not boring! I like the diversity, and how some are stronger than others. Nice job!
    7) Some different properties for enemies, like the mage thing would fire something, as an suggestion.
    8) You should make it so that the castle is visible, and has a health bar instead of dying immediately.
    9) When you make a menu, try making a shop. Some player choice will give this some more involvement for the player.
    10) Maybe a death animations, or a sign to say you have lost.

    Well, you obviously make a lot of games, but that shouldn't mean you should rush on some. It just felt a bit pushed through, like you were trying to get over it, and didn't put that much time into it, since there is so little content in it. I suggest putting more time with these games, though this game has some really good components such as the art.

    (Ratings out of 10) I give this another startup, 5.5/10. It needs some improvement, needing some music and animations, and some more player choice, and definitely a menu, and if you can, a shop. It just needs... More. I wish you luck, and thanks! I will do the others eventually..
  • This was my first game like this and it's in testing and beta and whatever, but thanks!
  • You need to tell me these things beforehand @meburningslime :lol: I would have included it in the review, though it would not increase the score, but would make the review itself more understanding. but thanks for letting me know!
  • Your welcome! :lol:

    Ps i just found out how to do THE LOL
    Wait... that's not lol!
  • Congratulations @meburningslime :lol: I will try to get the other reviews out soon, the soonest being tomorrow afternoon, but could be as late as Saturday (Just in case something happens in life). Thanks, and have a good day!
  • Thanks, I think you may have done some of those before, you can just skip over them :lol:
  • Thanks for letting me know @meburningslime , I'll look through them.
  • Also the game you just reviewed was made BEFORE the raycast and repeating timers and stuff like that were.even in the game! (Or I was just oblivious... Forget that! :lol: )
  • Well, first, before I can re-review your game @my_name (<_>) , I have to finish up @meburningslime 's requests. The next one that follows is: A Terraria Christmas 2018. Here is what I had thought:

    1) Kind of jump into the game unprepared. You should make a menu that goes to a timer before you actually play.
    2) A suggestion, if you make a menu, you should make it so that you can get skins from a shop, since that would work well with this game.
    3) It is pretty fun gameplay, but very difficult. I'm sure that i what you were going for though.
    4) I like how the ice speeds you up a bit. Nice work! Also increases the difficulty..
    5) Speaking of the difficulty changes, if you make a menu, try to make it so you can choose a level, possibly only three, easy, medium, and hard. Gives the player more of a choice!
    5) The art is decent, and all the movement gives it more life. But maybe some animations to work along with it?
    6) The music is obviously Terraria, but it just doesn't seem Christmas-y enough. Maybe some jingling bells with it, and some sound FX to go with it.
    7) It would be a lot better if you have a GUI telling you how many presents you got, as now it would seem more rewarding trying to beat your last score.
    8) Maybe add some power-ups to add some more diversity in gameplay.
    9) The enemies seem to be the same throughout, but the obstacles are pretty well thought out. Nice work!
    10) Speaking of enemies, and diversity, maybe add more different types of them?

    This seems more of like a mini-game than an actual game you would play day and night over-and-over, but more of a small game you find somewhere once, try it out, say it is neat, but put it back. I suggest you take my suggestions, for it just seems a bit too small, like a mini-game.

    (Ratings out of 10) Not the worst, had very nice components, but still gets a 5.5/10, as it just seems like a game you would find inside of another game. Try to make it THE game. I hope this helps, and good luck!
  • Skipping Kingdom Siege since I've already done that, along with Cube Survival and Stick Adventure (I also already did those) so here I've got Knight's Quest @meburningslime . Here is what I had thought:

    1) Again, you need to start adding more menu's! Maybe some information in the description, too.
    2) I like the new style you gave out with this game, and isn't like your others. Very nice!
    3) I soon became lost in this game, and not in the good way. I had no idea what to do, or why I am doing anything. Maybe add in some messaging for the player to know what is going on, and what they are going to do.
    4) The art the design fits well with each other, and doesn't mismatch with itself. Great job!
    5) The game was a quite bit laggy for me, maybe try finding a way of changing that.
    6) Some more things contributing to the gameplay will help this out a good bunch, such as a sprint, for example.
    7) Animations seem to be lacked in many of your games. I like animations, just to let you know, and give the game a nice, lively feel.
    8) I like the range of the game, and there is much to discover, but at the point, it seems to small to discover any more.
    9) Some more enemies would make this better, and some NPC's too. It will give the game more of a real life feel if you could talk to the characters sometimes.
    10) The sound is good, but those... Footsteps?.. Get a bit annoying. Maybe dim the down?

    Sorry if that was a harsh review, it just seems like your games keep on repeating themselves at times, with the same flaws. Just try fixing those, and it will make this MUCH better! Please take my advise!

    (Ratings out of 10) Right now, I will give this a 5/10, and I would usually like these kinds of games, but this one just didn't bring a great view on it. Just keep on working on this, for it has a fantastic start, and I know, especially from my past games, this game can develop to something a lot greater! I wish you luck, and keep on working on these! Thanks (And forgive me if any of this has upset you, but I still have one more review for you..)
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