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  • Hey @grazer , do you think you can figure this out?
  • Hey @browngr , you should start doing some reviews! I've already done quite a few of them, and I'd think you'd be great at it! Just look how mine went out (Not as big as @Crigence 's of course) Bored Reviews:

    Thanks, and think about it!
  • That's a great idea, and yes, that'd be fun!
    On that same topic, I've been getting notifications from Bored Reviews... But I don't have it starred... Have any ideas on that?
  • Fun fact: did you know your femur is stronger than concrete?
  • @browngr , I don't know why that would be happening, since I had only mentioned you since I had reviewed your game.

    @meburningslime , no I did not. Where are you getting these? :lol:
  • edited March 2019
    From the web & friends :XD:

    Did you know, since nost of an atom is space, if you took that space out, the entire human race could fit in a sugar cube?!?!
  • I love the facts! Kinda random, but I love it! =D Keep coming with em'!
  • edited March 2019
    Stomach acid is strong enough to melt a tank
  • Did you know that if a scientist took all the chemical compounds of kale and rearranged them, he could theoretically make a human heart!!!! :) :scream:
  • A flea can accelerate faster than a space shuttle!!!!!!!! :scream: :scream: :scream:

    Good luck trying to hit them now!!!!
  • A fly can have a special kind of cancer where it's growing eyeballs instead of skin in some places! Thats not creepy enough, right? Well, it can also see out of them!!!!
    :scream: :scream:
  • Woah.. Where are you getting these now? :lol:
  • Everywhere

    Part of the rotting smell after you die is you continuously farting, as your bodi is no longer keeping it in!!!!
  • I knew that one @meburningslime :lol: All the muscles are no longer tensed so they release, and so.. Yeah.. That.. :lol:
  • Did you know 90% of your body weight is bacteria!?!?
    Mr. House is done, so now I just need to create the room in which you take him down.
  • Did you knowna type of beetle, the bombardier beetle, actually breathes fire?!?!

    Well, not exactly... more like FARTS BOMBS of FIRE!!!!
  • Yes I did! Did you know that like fingerprints, our tongue prints are different?
  • Hey guys, I'm back! And boy you'll be happy about it because now, the scavenger has limited ammo! He has 550 bullets, and 1100 chances to get you! Be careful, and good luck!
  • Radiation poisoning and healing being perfected! Things are going pretty well! Please, give me any suggestions that come to mind! (=
  • edited March 2019
    I have no idea what's happening.... The up movement is completely destroyed upon getting radiation sickness....... :confused: :cry: :tired_face:
  • Good luck @browngr ! You have been putting a lot of work in this game! Very impressive!
  • edited March 2019
    Thanks, @rcreger! It's sometimes a pain, but I love what I do, and it makes me so happy to see your support. (=
  • VIPERTECK IS BACK!!! Although I don't know if my cousin is back in the project yet, I'm back in business and it's looking good so far... (;
  • MY COUSIN IS BACK IN THE PROJECT!!! Yay! Plus, I plan to add some easter eggs to both of my games for anyone who wants to find them! There is a meme related easter egg in Building Run for anyone who likes that kind of stuff................................................ P.s VATS is almost ready to be placed in the game!
  • My cousin got kicked out because he made me do all the work and I caught him taking credit for my concept arts. Soooooooooooooo let's make a new game!
    HAKK3R is a video game version of a comic series I run with my.... Unofficial girlfriend??????? It's weird, but anyway, I've decided to turn our work into a video game and it's going swell! Swell as in it's actually full of bugs that I'm not experienced enough to figure out. But it's still a start! Play it here:
  • edited April 2019
    Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 9.41.55 PM
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