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How to make an animation "freeze frame"?

edited August 2014 in How To

I want to make it so that my animation will go from one color to another, without reverting back to the original. I've done this once before (I think), but don't remember how to do it again. Helps anyone?


  • I'm not really sure what you're asking, unless you mean looping an animation so the object stays that animation.
  • Not looping. I want the animation to finish, but when it does finish, it doesn't go back to the first frame. For example, if I had an animation with only 3 frames, I would want the animation to play all the way to 3. But when it does reach frame 3, it doesn't go back to frame 1, it just stays frame 3. Does that make sense?
  • It's not going to frame 1, it's going to the original image of the object. What you want is to make a new animation of only frame 3. Make it so it repeats, and have it start with a 1 second timer after the trigger that starts the other animation.
    Animation plays 3 frames
    Timer hits 1 second - plays animation with frame 3 on loop
  • edited August 2014
    Thank you sir. It turns out I didn't need the timer for...this animation. Following up this question, I think I came across a bug? :


    Is it me, or is the message continuously sending? Or do I need to rework everything again? (Even by connecting the messages to Play and Done outputs, the messages will still continue to highlight)

    (If it helps any, the reason it starts at 2 is because the mouse input also goes into next, and I want out1 to be the first message that gets sent so I don't get confused later on. And also because it needs to loop, it's an on/off switch)
  • edited August 2014
    Give me a link to the game and I will take a look. I don't see what you are trying to achieve.
    Also, if both of those Hello messages are going to the same object, just delete one, and connect it to the mouse instead. No point in having 2 of them.
  • Actually, those messages were continuously highlighting because they were not being sent to any object. It's all good now though, everything is fixed.
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