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Update log for infinite game without a great name

edited March 2019 in Play My Game
Come and play my game!!!! I make updates periodically and would like to make even more game modes and skins. Tell what you think, what you liked and didn't like, and also post your high score. If you have any ideas on how I could improve the game, please comment.


  • Lol, I forgot to post the link, I fixed it now
  • Nice @my_name (<_>), another infinite runner.
    The game does lag when playing the main and bonus mode, but gold rush works fine.
    A high score system would be great for the 3 modes also with the score I just made.
    Very nice on the different game mode ideas!
    I can't seem to be able to buy other characters, but I can tell this is still a WIP.
    I like the game so far, and I think it has potential.

    If you like, I made an infinite runner that's just about complete if you want to look and maybe get some ideas from. I plan to add more game modes later or maybe after releasing to the app store.
    I would also would like your thought on my game.
    It's DRIVE:
  • edited March 2019
    My thoughts on Drive by @JR 01, very nice game. Good, simple gameplay and graphics. I like the high score system and the multiple characters. There are a few things (mostly involving gameplay) that could be changed.
    1. While everything being black and white looks good and gives DRIVE a unique look, it can make it very difficult to see obstacles, especially with the lamps in the background, they can tend to lead to obstruction. Perhaps you could time the spawning of obstacles so that they don't overlap with lampposts?
    2. Having coins or perhaps something else that could let the player take risks would be cool.
    3. The arrows in the shop are backwards, also how do you buy a new character?
    4. One thing I would do (I did this for my game) is decrease the speed and increase the number of obstacles, this will make it so that the player will nearly always die because of his lack of ability to dodge obstacles instead of not seeing an obstacle because of the high speed and low visibility.

    DRIVE is a good game with good graphics, and honestly is pretty great without theses changes. However I do feel you could improve gameplay slightly.
  • Also, I experience virtually no lag, any idea what could be causing it?
  • edited March 2019
    DRIVE is a large learning experience with many factors @my_name (<_>).

    -After many tries, you'll get the illusion as like you would see past the light posts.
    Every movement with will be notice and after full experience and its like controlling a twitch lol.
    Every obstacle (Except the block) moves faster than the light poles, so the off chance of spawning at the same time more relies on paying attention and instinct which is important when at max speed. I use a mixture of illusions and timing.

    -I tried the coins idea, but I couldn't think of a good idea of what a car could collect and also use as currency. My alternate method was already part of the game for adding points, so I just made a save for collecting points for dodging obstacles. One of the tips that you can click through when loading the game is how the currency works.

    -The arrows in the shop LOOKS backwards but are actually not. I tried both ways and it just looks weird whatever way you look at it cause the car completely leaves the screen before the next one inters the screen. So I just made the arrow the direction the car leaves off and comes in the screen.

    -Believe it or not but this is the slowest I ever had the car to start at, and after being use to the high speed, it kinda gets painfully for how slow I'm now starting. The current speed I think is perfect for beginners and easy to start with pro players but that is still up in the air for discussion.
    Though, I do have a system in the spawner to increase depending on the speed your currently at. I do have a set MAX speed and spawn, so its not impossible but like I said at that point is like controlling a twitch. 1 false move = death. I guess you could say I'm going for a more survival and skill based game.

    Also the lamp posts spawn and speed also increases depending on players speed.
    This is a great illusion of speed.

    If you still think some of these gameplay would be better changed, let me know and I'll look into it.
    I'll also try to find why your game lags the way it does and I'll let you know if I find anything.
  • This is supposed to be about @my_name (<_>) game, not yours, @JR 01 , lol
  • Well @MagmaDude100, It's more of a idea exchange between 2 cool games with the same genre of Endless Runners. Methods, reasons, ideas, structure and help for that could possibly be used for his game and may also to mine.
  • Ah, understood @JR 01
  • I found the problem of the lag, It's because the rapidly changing numbers are all being saved per frame.
    The method I would use is to set the number to the label AND the "set" of a new number.
    The collisions for death could go into the "in" of the number to saved the score when you die.
  • Something like this would greatly help the lag:
  • edited March 2019
    After actually playing it without lag now, I LOVE the lock door idea.
    Also after the lag, I like the idea of the bounce pads appearing on the walls,
    well done!

    High-Score on classic is 2140
  • Thanks for helping find the lag, I'll fix it shortly. My high-score is 4258
  • @my_name (<_>) did you make the art like the ghost because it looks like its not made form pixel art
  • No, I did not make most of the art, all of it is either default flow lab, from, or original.
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