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edited September 2014 in General
Has the big update happened yet?


  • I guess not...
  • nope - I it will hopefully be obvious :)

    The "update" will happen in a few stages to reduce the risk of breaking things, but when it starts showing up I will definitely announce it here.
  • By that answer, does that mean that my game will soon have a slight possibility of loading instead of freezing?
  • Which game muphins? Sorry - I haven't been keeping up with threads here as much as I'd like.
  • Mhx added you to a private discussion a while back...I'll send you another message. The game's link will be in the discussion.
  • Update? This sounds interesting...
  • I'm not sure on the details but there is due to be a flowlab update...
  • I'm excited to see what it might include. Thanks!
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