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  • edited April 2019
    Made to be a rage game, HAKK3R plays off of my animated series which has yet to come out. The first level is the boss battle with Emperor. Can you beat him and his constant slur of missiles and enemies?
    K to kick, P to punch. Click on grenade launchers to disrupt them and first aid to heal.
  • I will get to it soon @browngr , thanks for sending!
  • It's been a while since I reviewed one of your games @browngr , so I was a bit excited to try this one out! Here is what I had thought:

    1) First off, no menu or any sort of in-game information on how to play, or what is going on. We kind of just pop up into a battle, which someone may think that could be just another person, and not an enemy.
    2) The art is kind of strange. The background will be one type, the characters are cartoon-ish, and then some objects don't really fit together.
    3) It is nice how that there are two different types of attacks. Do they do different things, or different amounts of damage?
    4) The walk animation flashes to the idle character every now and then. Do you think you can fix that? It would look much better without that animation flaw.
    5) The punch animation is great, and nicely timed. But the kick is a bit quick, and should be slower to fit in with the other attack.
    6) Could you make it so that if you run into the health, then it heals you? It can be a bit tedious having to click them for health.
    7) Very cool addition that if you hit the jump button a number of times, it makes you do a flip in the air :lol: which also increases your height. Very nice!
    8) Sometimes, when doing the flips, you can land the wrong way, and can end up upside down or diagonal in position for the rest of the game.
    9) I was a bit confused on how to play this game at first, and also wasn't exactly sure how to stop the Emperor in the first level. If this game lacks one thing, it is information.
    10) You should add some facial expressions to the character if he gets hurt, maybe even body language, too. Maybe also an idle animation for him.

    This seemed pretty underdeveloped at the moment, but nothing out of reach. All of this can be achieved, except maybe with that fault with the rotation.. That may be a problem. But it was cool how you included the flip in two different attack types. I suggest adding some in-game information, an intro/menu, and some more fitting art work.

    (Ratings out of 10) Yeah. This is a pretty harsh review. I'm going to give this a 6/10, only because it just lacked in some key features that games need. It needs more story element, information, basically all I've stated above. But you have achieved great things will Fallout Anarchy, and maybe you can incorporate some of the knowledge from that game into here. Good luck, and have a great day!
  • Here is the updated version of Plymouth Interactive Fables, as suggested by @JR 01 , the red needed to go :lol: Here it is:


    What do you think? Does it look better?
  • Not to be rude or anything, but it looks a lot like game studio template.

    Untitled design (1)

    Maybe you can change the logo, something that fits with the story and fantasy theme of Plymouth?
  • edited April 2019
    Oh, I know it looks like that template, but this is FlowLab, and if I do somehow get to go somewhere with game development, I am not going to be using that. It is just that some of the nice stuff I have to pay for, which I am not going to do for a logo that I may not use all the time. Thanks for suggesting though, @ToastMaster64 , but I'm not changing it any time soon.

    EDIT: Also, Gazer looks like grazer. Coincidence?
  • edited April 2019
    i think not

    and you can upload your own images to use, you don't have to use the paid ones, I can design a logo for you if you want, im kinda good at that.
  • That'd be great @ToastMaster64 , I'd really appreciate it! You will be credited in every discussion I display with it, if you make it. We can discuss it in Discord if you want. Thanks!
  • I sent you message on discord @rcreger
  • edited April 2019
    There's no way!

    So, I decided to take a look as of when this discussion was made: February 9th. February 9th?! It has only been over two months and I've got over 2K views and over 500 comments! Thanks you guys, this has been great! Let's keep this going!

    And thanks, @ToastMaster64 , I'll check it out!
  • That makes since, LAWKSRD was march 8, and mine is abut half the size of yours.
  • New logo and overall design for Plymouth Interactive Fables by @ToastMaster64 ! Thank you so much!


    I have to admit, it looks a LOT better!
  • Now, the real question, will it fit in your profile picture?
  • It should @ToastMaster64 , I'm just putting it with the discussions with the other image right now. I will see soon, and if it doesn't, I'll use the one I have now.
  • Thanks for the review, @rcreger! I have the same problem with Fallout Anarchy's walking animation, but I hid it better than I did with this one.
    The drawing style is made to be that way, a basic but in a way realistic & polished background, but cartoony characters. It makes them pop.
    The whole instruction thing... Yeah I can't say anything about that.
    And yeah, I love the idea of him reacting to damage!
    The flip is a bug that I posted a discussion on so far and nothing's come up... /=
    You can also make him end up not just upside down and creates constant velocity, which is excruciatingly angering...
    Thanks for the feedback! =D
  • edited April 2019
    Also, I can't use collision for first aid because it can cause lag (Random slur of entity updates)and it can destroy someone's strategy especially in Emperor's boss battle.
    (See where you're coming from though...)
  • edited April 2019
    Sure thing @browngr , and now you're competing in Game of the Week: Week Nine! I hope that feedback helps out! And definitely add to the story! Good luck!

    EDIT FOR SECOND COMMENT: I understand, but try to tell the player in-game those have to be clicked. Thanks!
  • Game of the Week: Week Nine Submissions

    There is only two, again, submissions so far for this week. In order from sent in first to last:

    1) @ToastMaster64 's Generic RPG
    2) @browngr 's HAKK3R

    Make sure to send in more if you want a shot at a Game of the Week before Week 10, because after I am taking a pretty large break! Good luck!
  • edited April 2019
    Omg thank you so much @rcreger! That was cheesy... Anyway, I added instructions to the description for heading 1 to tell you the important stuff, but I forgot one thing. DON'T DIE, THERE'S NO CHECKPOINTS AND NEVER WILL BE. (I'm evil)
    I'm also planning on adding difficulties soon too! If you want more in-depth descriptions on my plans, visit my page:
  • I forgot that I submitted Generic RPG...
  • edited April 2019
    It isn't that bad @ToastMaster64 , I was actually impressed with a lot of it! I'm using some of the techniques in A Boy in Armor at the moment.

    And I will @browngr , thanks!
  • @rcreger Here's the game. First and second level pretty much done. I'm gonna add music and sound effects after the game is finished.
  • @rcreger I’m getting closer to finish it but I still need to work on the challenges (that will take a long time)and I need to finish the power ups and add new ones, and then I have to touch it up and make it look a little more polished.
  • I will get to that soon @Biscuit Butter . Thanks for submitting!

    You will get there @Johnny boy , and after the Championship is over, I will be taking about a month break from doing any more Game of the Week sessions, so you should have time for that. Wish you luck!
  • Bored Game Jams!

    2 more days, counting today, to get those Jams in! This weeks theme is: Plat-former! Good luck!
  • Yes! It has been a bit since I had more than two games in Game of the Week! Here is @Biscuit Butter 's Kid's Quest 2! I've been excited for this one, as the first one was great! I will only be reviewing what is finished of this game, so here is what I had thought:

    1) You need to add in some sort of menu :lol: But the in-game information system works great! Nice work with those, it is very helpful!
    2) Amazing work with the platforms, as they work perfectly! It also makes this game very special in a way of game play!
    3) Speaking of special ways of game play, the way this game uses puzzles with the resetting of the boxes makes this a real good game with strategy! I actually have to think!
    4) The artwork fits very nice, nothing overdone or under-detailed. It just fits just right.
    5) I know you are working on this part, but I'd just like to mention the fact that you are working for a great story for this game, which I can't wait to see your interpretation of it! Good luck!
    6) One art piece I think should be updated would be the spikes, because they are close together in some areas, but spaced out in another.
    7) Very good puzzle with the buttons and the boxes! The puzzles are amazing well made and very well thought through! Great work!
    8) See you used the same jump affect as used in A Boy in Armor, which is not bad. But I wish there was some music in the background to to accompany it.
    9) I did not find any glitches, which I amazing with all this complex programming with the disappearing boxes and going through platforms.
    10) The coins are a very nice addition, and make it a bit more challenging. Maybe you should make it so after each level, a display of how many coins you pop up, like say the coins in Geometry Dash. After you see the amount of coins you get, you can continue.

    Also, I just found the drills, which I a really cool addition! Though it'd be better it they go an animation, and maybe one for breaking the stone. Anyways, this was really great to play, and is as great as your last game! It was very enjoyable, and was one of the best games I've played on here, using some very unique styles and game play! I expect great things from this!

    (Ratings out of 10) Well, this is easily an 8.5/10 (it is taken down since I only reviewed two levels), which if finished would definitely receive a 9.5/10! So keep on working, and take those suggestions with you! I really want to see how this turns out, with a very high chance with Game of the Week: Week Nine! Good luck, and have a great day!
  • edited April 2019
    well you can review my one level for my game (its not finished)
  • Is this also for Bored Jams @lolpinkshep ?
  • i mean if you want one should be finished level for bored jams sure
  • How the Bored Jam reviews work when they are reviewed here

    So, we have a different format of review in Bored Jams, so how this is going to work is that the Bored Jam reviews will be copied and pasted into here, with the rating out of 50. I can simplify it to fit out of 10, so you guys can see the Bored Review score. The first one of these will be @ToastMaster64 's game, coming up next!
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