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  • edited April 2019
    Bored Game Jam rating - Reviewed in Bored Review

    @ToastMaster64 's "Bored jam: week 1" game (he used the name of the Jam, I know, but it is the game that counts). I will be using the template set by him as well:

    Graphics (Rating out of 10)- Hosts of many visual properties of Temple Runner Retro, but a bit downgraded (for menu). Though the look of the title, in the menu, looks decent, but unlike the original game, lack in movement. Has a lot of default sprites with some edits to them. But for the some sprite that were custom (such as the spring), they looked very well made along with their appropriate animation. Graphics rating: 6/10.

    Sound (Rating out of 10)- Very strange music for this type of game, but is not boring, and gives it some energy. There seems to be sound affects everywhere as you jump, hit coins, and hit the bounce pads, making this more interesting and more fun to play. Sound rating: 8/10.

    Game Play (Rating out of 15)- The game play varies, as you can do many things in it. You can push down logs down slopes, get keys to unlock areas to get more coins. Overall, it was very fun to play. Dodging the enemies, and not exactly knowing what will be coming up next made this feel exciting! Game Play rating: 14/15.

    Mechanics (Rating out of 15)- There is also varying controls in this, as Shift will enable a sprint, though it is a bit of a killer for the player, as it would be harder to maneuver with the speed. However, there is a very helpful double jump included for the player to reach higher places, which is a great addition to the controls. Mechanics rating: 12/15.

    Overall rating: 40/50, with subtraction of 10 points, highest subtraction from Graphics rating. It was enjoyable to play, very exciting, and the sounds and music make it even more so. The controls felt great, were easy to use, and made the Game Play even better. But with those, there was some minuses with each of those, and a big minus on the graphics, as they could be more original or more though out and fitting, as the background and the default didn't quite mix. But overall, 40/50 = 4/5. Not bad. Let's see the others! Keep on sending!

    Bored Review rating (out of 10) is 8/10. Thanks to @ToastMaster64 for sending it to the Jams, and can't wait to see you guys enter to! Good luck!
  • @lolpinkshep , I will put the review in after the Jam for it goes through, so that I can do what I did with @ToastMaster64 's review for his Bored Jam game. Thanks!
  • @rcreger please note im re texturing right now
  • I will, you still have time, as I will wait for that to come into Bored Jams first. I expect @ToastMaster64 to do that one @lolpinkshep .
  • Did you like the ending @rcreger?
  • Thanks for the review! I'll be sure to fix your complaints!
  • I didn't see the ending yet @ToastMaster64 , but I'll be sure to check it out!

    And you are completely welcome @Biscuit Butter , and I'd be happy to re-review once it is done! Very great game there, guys! Make sure to play it!
  • Make sure you press Ctrl and Space at the same time to get the secret ending.
  • So by the secret ending, you meant the confetti and the flashing colors @ToastMaster64 :lol:
  • Shhhhhhhhhhhh, it's a secret...
  • Game of the Week: Week Nine

    I got a good variety of games this week, but the one that really stuck out from the rest was definitely the great game made by @Biscuit Butter , Kid's Quest 2! I, myself, was excited to see this game, and play it. It was as good as the previous game he made, and it is still a WIP, and it was still very enjoyable!

    Here, you continue this child's life and journey, going through very though through puzzles and obstacles, which provides possible hours of entertainment! Go through the levels collecting the three coins set through the levels, moving boxes to help you through the course, using the Space bar to reset them (which is a very important part for the puzzles), and the very well made button-box system! This is one of FlowLab's must-plays, so go and play it, here:

    This is a very good game, so give it a like! If you already have, why not play this great game again? Remember, this is still WIP, but is still yet very enjoyable! Thank you all for participating in this Game of the Week, and good luck!
  • The final week is coming... Be prepared! And good luck!
  • Hopefully I finish it before then, can you extend it to 2 or 3 weeks
  • This may be a long "week" @Johnny boy , and I know I will extend it to give as many people a chance for it. So yes, it will be extended 2-3 weeks, but there will be a LOT more competition. Knock it out of the park @Johnny boy !
  • Hello, I am back from a trip to Malaysia. Good to see y'all.
  • Game Of The Week!? Thank you so much!
  • Nice to see you again, too @Polarbeer2019 !

    And you are very welcome @Biscuit Butter , your game really deserved it! Just wait for the Championship to come up, which will come after the three week-long Week Ten!

    Also, both of you, if you guys have time, I've extended the Bored Jams to NEXT Sunday! Be ready, and good luck! Thanks!
  • @Biscuit Butter you should submit it to bored game jams *wink wink*
  • @lolpinkshep ummmmmm, we do game Jams, not game reviews...
  • Yeah, @lolpinkshep , I would not suggest to ask for games I've reviewed, as they seem to have been being worked on for quite a bit. Now, if @Biscuit Butter started working on that just a week ago, then of course, but I'd doubt it.
  • edited April 2019
    Hey @ToastMaster64 @JR 01 and @lolpinkshep .. You guys know that you are enabled to review in my Bored Reviews, right? It is a new addition that added about two weeks ago where ANYONE can review ANY game I've reviewed before in this review. The rules for this is in the description of this discussion. Get your friends, and review some games! (The #1 rule is to be polite! Thanks!)
  • Ill check it out
  • Finally someone decided to think about @ToastMaster64 :lol: No one seemed to realize it existed, so if you find anything you'd like to do, just name the name of the game, state I gave permission, and place the name of the developer. Remember, politeness.
  • Are you saying im not polite?

    I'll tell you what you ************ You little **** I'ma finna ****** yur finna ***
  • @ToastMaster 64 I always wondered what that butcher knife in the profile picture meant...
  • edited April 2019
    Well @ToastMaster64 , those words do nothing except take up room in my discussion. That is all I think about talk like that (I know you're joking, but that is what I think).
  • It's from LAWKS or Learning acrobatics with knives studios. @browngr
  • edited April 2019
    Well, Bored Reviews is... I am bored so I made a review? @ToastMaster64

    No, I am only joking :lol: I actually put a lot of though into the title "Bored Reviews". The word "Bored" means nothing to do, so it gives the other users the thought of me having a lot of time to give them in-depth reviews (not as in-depth as @microgamer1 's, but still has length). Also, it also generates the thoughts of "relaxed" or "calmed", as Bored usually doesn't relate to words like "energized" or "excited". And the review part, well.. Tells the other users it is a review!

    That is some insight of my review, guys! Just to let y'all know, I just came up with all of that right now.. I just thought about me being "Bored", and still, a review. But above is what I'd like to think of it :lol: Oh well, sorry if you actually believed that. Have a nice day!

    P.S., no, I am not calling you impolite @ToastMaster64 , it was just in general.
  • 600th Comment!

    Wow, you know the discussion is big when the comments are BIG! Thanks guys for sticking with me for so long (About three months..)! Have a wonderful, wonderful day!
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