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I'm working on this new game called gravity hop and would like a bunch of opinions about it. Also this discussion will be a place for general discussion about the game and new updates I'm working on putting out.

NEXT UPDATE: Background gravity arrows!!!!


  • [I haven't played it recently so what I say will be from last week.]

    This is a great idea for a game!
    There is allot of potential and things you can do. I may make a game similar mechanics.

    Though I don't think reversing the controls on all direction of gravity is a great idea. I think keeping the left and right controls between top and bottom gravity would be better.

    As well as up is up and down os down for the left and right gravity.

    Flipping the jump for all gravity is good.
  • @JR 01, I tried that, it felt kinda awqward to control the character like that but I'll try it again just for fun
  • Seems like a great idea. Definitely will try it

    MATURE UPDATE: level format has changed!!!!!!

    I have decided to make every level a 21 by 21 square box. This gives the game a more puzzle like feel and makes level design easier and for some surprises that are coming.

    Don't forget to play and leave comments on the game and suggestions

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