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How to make a Mouse Corsor?

I need to know how to make a mouse cursor for a game (somewhat) I am going to make.


  • Use the interface layer and make an object cursor,
    Use MouseMovement to the x and y of position
  • edited May 8

    JR 01, do you mean like this, because it still doesn't work for me.
    (Sorry for not replying sooner)
  • Wait, it works, thank you for the help!
  • Related question. Is there a way to make the arrow invisible? I want my cursor to be a crosshairs (which I have gotten to work), but I can’t get the arrow to go away. Is this possible?
  • Arrow? Do you mean the computer's mouse?

    I don't think so but I think it would be a nice feature to ask @grazer about.
  • Yes. Exactly. However, I’ve since found that the image of my crosshairs interferes with the function of the mouse in weird ways (gameplay click vs enemy works fine but click on menus is glitchy or non-functioning). Would love some input as to the limitations on this. Do I need to add a collision or proximity to the crosshairs to transfer the click to the clicked menu item?
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