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Update: HTML5 bug fixes

edited June 2019 in Announcements
I just deployed a new update to the HTML5 version, with several bug fixes: @Latif - I also tweaked the behavior window background to try and increase the contrast, so that behavior links are more visible in games with light backgrounds.

Please post in this thread if you have any issues with the update.



  • to reproduce the issue with the background objects is simple, create a new game, make a movable character and add a background object, only the first one placed is solid in the game world until reloading the page.

    Also does this mean I have to fix all of my stuff using timers?
  • Hey @MagmaDude100 - I just tried the steps you described, in both Flash and HTML5 versions, and the bg object was not solid. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot reproduce this issue.

    Regarding timers: the update should not change the timer behavior in any way that would break your games, and you should not need to make any changes, unless you relied on having the timers running while your game is paused. If you do have an issue with the new timers, please post a description here (with a link), and I'll fix the timers.
  • Regarding background issue, then I'm guessing the update fixed it? Unless you weren't using the exact first background object created.
    Timers: no, I genreally don't have the pause options in my games, so thanks for relieving some stress
  • Thank you grazer!
  • edited May 2019
    I made a level to test if the timers pause and yes, its just HTML5.
    This could help to prevent allot of objects to spawn in one spot while paused!
    Thanks for the update grazer!


    EDIT: I just notice this breaks my loading screen illusion in one of my games, so be sure you don't have a function where timers are used to unpause your games.
  • I'm surprised you decided to fix the timer. I remember bringing it up years ago, because all my animations were desynced. If we now have a global timer, I don't have to worry about off screen nonsense happening, well, hopefully. It used to miss the que and I'd walk up to something that should have triggered, but it didn't, or stuff was just off in general, like tiles not animating at the same time. Nice to see that fixed.
  • The timers update

    Move around mouse to change direction, click to shoot, when you shoot the spinny things with the green plus in the middle, it's supposed to randomly move to a different location in the map, but on HTML it freezes the game.
  • Bugs on HTML:
    - Raycast Issue 1
    Raycast doesn't work on Objects with rectangles hitbox;
    /I mentioned this on the last discussion. It is now confirmed and tested.

    Bugs on both engines:
    - Raycast Issue 2
    Raycast doesn't work properly on objects with capsule or circle hitboxes;

    - Camera Issue
    Camera behavior > First two "out" = don't send negative values when moving;

    - Expression Issue
    (Not sure about this logic) Expression takes too long to calculate causing small (still bad) delays on results. Having multiple expressions will eventually create enormous delays;
    = See Feature Request 1. =

    - Messages System Issue
    (Could be an issue with "Message" or "Mailbox" behavior) (Not sure about this logic)
    Messages take too long to be received, causing small (still bad) delays on results. Having multiple messages will eventually create enormous delays;

    Simulated Event, for example:

    1.: Object 1 is extracting its X position;
    2.: Object 1 sends the X value to Object 2 (trough messages);
    3.1: Object 2 receives and uses the X value;
    This process has already caused a delay.
    And If:
    3.2: Object 2, before using the X value, uses one or more expressions behaviors
    =Will cause even MORE delay

    Obs.: This system must work through messages in order to be functional on the multiple levels throughout the game.

    Simple Feature Requests:
    1. Adding a minus ("-") in to the Number block (Just like the "+" in)
    / This would give me the advantage to make simple calculations on real-time


    This is some stuff I found today. I hope it's not too confusing.
  • Oh, and since we are moving to html5 I think this is the perfect time to request again my beloved right click feature.
    So, Could we have a... Mouse right click feature, please? :)

  • I was gonna say right click could be an eraser for tiles, but then again, you could just add an eraser button next to the clone button.
  • You can delete multiple tiles with the backspace key so I don't think that button would be necessary.

    What I meant with the "right-click feature" was really using the right click as an in-game working key.
  • edited May 2019
    Ok, new update posted.

    @PixelStudios your crash should be fixed, thanks for reporting

    @PixelPizza -

    Raycast issues 1 & 2:
    I'm not seeing the RayCast issues. Here is a test with Capsule->Capsule, Rect->Capsule, and Capsule->Rect and they all seem to be working. What am I doing wrong?

    Camera issue:
    I'll investigate, but I'm not 100% sure I understand.

    Expression performance issue:
    I haven't benchmarked the expression recently, but it shouldn't be that slow. Do you have an example where this is slowing your game down?

    Message performance issue
    Do you have an example of this? Messages are not usually "slow", but there is a design trade-off that means that they can sometimes seem delayed. This has been discussed here in the forums before, but the messages are currently processed like this:

    During the current frame, for each object, every trigger is processed, *then* its messages are processed. This means that depending on the order that each object is processed in, they could be processed like this:

    Frame 1:
    Object A: processes logic, and checks messages (empty)
    Object B: processes logic, and sends message to Object A
    Frame 2:
    Object A: processes logic, and checks messages (now sees message from frame 1)

    This means that some messages can be delayed for up to one frame, but this isn't the messages being "slow" and they shouldn't build up and slow down your game or anything. Messages are processed in two steps like this to avoid this problem:

    Frame 1:
    Object A: sends message to Object B
    Object B: gets message, and sends message to Object A

    If all of that were processed directly in order, there would be an infinite loop, and the game would stay locked in frame 1 forever.

    I've considered re-wiring the messages so that they always get processed in the current frame, but I'm not 100% sure that the potential for easy crashes is worth it. I'm on the fence here.

    Simple Feature Request 1
    For subtracting from a number (feature request 1), can't you just put a negative number into the input, or will this not work for your purpose?

    Simple (?) Feature Request 2
    I have added a "Right Click" option to the Mouse Click block's settings panel. Not very well tested yet.

  • I understand that you can use backspace to delete stuff, but it doesn't seem to work for my laptop mouse pad, I can't move my mouse while I'm holding down the backspace key, and you can't do that on mobile devices. A delete button next to the Clone button would be useful.
  • @grazer The gray lines though..

  • @Latif - yeah that's a problem. I'm going to tweak that color to fix up the contrast.
  • Hey @grazer , so you know how you made those game examples? I was thinking, since of this update, that it would be a good idea to set up one for HTML5 with its updates to tell us how all of the new stuff works, with also a set example. You may not need to do this, but I'm just throwing suggestions out there.
  • @rcreger - unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the HTML5 version is't significantly different feature-wise from Flash.
  • *Yet.

    Flash is just dying, so grazer spent a year rewriting the engine in HTML5. Everything works more or less the same. Some stuff couldn't be duplicated perfectly, otherwise, there's no difference. Future updates will bring new HTML5 exclusive features that Flash couldn't handle.
  • edited January 24
    there's this bug with the emiter were the positioning is off
  • Hey, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.
    Busy weekend. I will email (Probably by the end of the day) all of these issues again but with examples, screenshots and with some more in-depth/simple explanations.
  • Oh okay @grazer . Other than that, I have one other suggestion: Could you make it so there is an alert with two different buttons? For example: When pressing one button, it leads to one thing, while the other button will do another thing. Could you do that in this update? It would help with a lot of my future and current games.
  • Just sent this HUGE email to you @grazer
    It is full of bug reports and I did my best to make it understandable. Really hope all of that helps somehow.
    RIP free day. :)

    Please tell me if you have any issues reading it.
  • @grazer These issues are all in the HTML5 version:

    1) The HTML5 version in Firefox feels a lot slower than in Chrome. It feels like everything is delayed, you should try it out yourself.

    2) This one is hard to explain so just do the following:
    * Open the behavior screen of an object
    * Copy a behavior block
    * Paste the behavior block
    * Nothing happens, pasting doesn't work
    * Close the behavior screen
    * Open the behavior screen again
    * The panel on the left side looks really weird now and you can't drag behaviors anymore
    * Reload the page
    * Open the behavior screen of the object again
    * The behavior you tried to paste is now there

    3) When doing something like this:
    Once -> (start) Animation (done) -> (start) Animation (done) -> (start) Animation

    The object will flicker when an animation ends and a new one starts.

    4) This bug has been here since forever: If a sound is played for the first time, it'll have to load first until it starts playing. The sounds should load before the game starts so there's no delay.
  • Thanks for the bug report @Latif

    1) I use FF all the time, so I'm aware that the interface doesn't feel as snappy. I've spent a *lot* of time optimizing and rewriting things to make them more performant in HTML5, but I'm definitely not done yet.

    2) The behavior pasting being busted is a known issue:

    3) This is a new one, I'll check it out - thanks!

    4) This is a tricky one. The engine intentionally doesn't load every sound at startup, since many sounds might never be played, and this could potentially use up a lot of memory and add significant loading delay (especially for music, many games have different music for each level). Maybe it would be worth adding an option to preload a sound so that it is available immediately.
  • 5) In the HTML5 version you added a display order property for objects in the user interface, but it doesn't seem to work. If this feature was unintended, please fix it instead of removing it. I've always wanted it.
  • 4)
    Maybe the engine could load every sound of all objects present on that specific level.

    Sometimes you shoot something and there's no sound.... but out of thin air, everything plays super loud with loads of sounds from previous actions you did.
  • It's been awhile since I tested those bugs, but I do distinctly remember UI and background really needing layers, because there is no way for them to know which layer to be on, so sometimes the wrong thing will be on top and cover up stuff that should be on top

    And sometimes more than two or three sounds won't play at once, which I assume isn't fixed, since I recall some of my games that played music and combined sounds for unique sounding ones didn't work right.

    I'll check into it, but I can almost confidently confirm those two need to be fixed, alongside the volume problem with sounds
  • @grazer
    This is a good opportunity to bring up the old flowlab beta custom splash and loading screens. If you add an option to preload sounds and massive levels, instead of sitting at a white screen, I'd really like to have an actual loading screen.
  • A custom loading screen would be really nice. @grazer
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