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Here is what I need help on..

edited June 2019 in How To
A-Box is coming along, but it is going to need some more attention to detail than I had originally planned. I will post a link here, and I will comment below what I need help on, because I'm going to need a LOT of help. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!



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    Help Me No.1

    First one that I need help with is: How do I make the character stop moving after enough health is lost, but not die or use a pause?

    EDIT: Go to "boss fight" level
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    Your welcome in advance :lol:
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    So have switches for moving(and make them start on) when you die send a message to the Player to turn the switches off.

    Edit: Just looked at it when you pass the less than 1 filter turn of the switches don't do the messages
  • I think I did it wrong @Johnny boy .. Is it possible to send a screen shot?
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    Did it work?
  • That works! Thanks @Johnny boy ! I know I may be asking a lot from you, but here is another:

    Help Me No.2

    (Same level) How would you make it so that T.1.M will go forward, go backwards, then forwards again over and over but moving just enough to appear on the other side? I have something that works somewhat, but I want it to move further back.
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    What do you mean by: Moving enough to get to the other side?
  • Just figured it out:Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 5.08.36 PM

    The first timer is set at 9 and the second at 3.
  • That seems to be working just perfectly! I just want to get one more thing done, and I'll be set for today.

    Help Me No.3

    (same level) Like T.0.DD, I'd like it that T.1.M, the other box/boss, will stop moving as well, and also stop firing the bullets. This part has no set programming as I don't know where to start. Thanks!
  • Just do the switches thing and use the pass from the filter in the Todd to send a message to the boss telling it to turn of the switches.
  • I will try that out, and I will let you know if it works. At this point, you @Johnny boy and @JR 01 are going to be included in the credits as this game has great portion because of you guys!
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    Do you want to just stop the players control or do you want to pause the character without actually pausing the game?

    Stop controls:
  • Yes, it works @Johnny boy ! I am pretty sure I can finish this scene with this (even though the main level is not finished :lol: )! Thanks for all of the help! I will post any other problems if I have any here. Thanks again, you are a great help!
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    Pause that character:

    Oops.. it these were a late post, need to refresh.
  • It's all right @JR 01 , and I had just paused the controls which you had shown and what @Johnny boy had shown. The scene is just about fully functional, only that you don't go to the next part afterwards at the moment. You can check it out if you want, I just need to add in some new GUI. Thanks for all of the help, both of you! You're both fantastic! Keep doing you, and have a fantastic day!
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    Okay, this is back, and for a good reason:

    Help Me No.4

    Lately, I've been trying to make a second ending, and to do that I have to make it so that if you lose the game, then T.1.M's dialog if you won does NOT happen, which I had tried to do with a series of switches, which do not seem to be working. You see, how T.1.M loses energy is from a timer, and I've been trying to connect the switch to it (the programming for T.1.M's health bar is in T.0.DD boss level's programming) which did not stop the message from happening. I want it so if you lose, one message plays, the other doesn't, and if you win, the other message does not play, while the win message does play.

    If you have any questions, as that does look confusing up there, just @ me and I will here to clarify. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, and good luck!

    EDIT: I removed the programming from before so people are still able to play it. Sorry if this is any inconvenience.
  • When you want to stop everything, make sure you also input to reset of the timers to stop them too.
    You could just disable the triggers or make a copy of the code into another object to look at.
    I can try to help, let me know what all your trying to do.
  • edited June 2019
    Okay, I will try to do that @JR 01 , thanks!

    EDIT: How I had it was that the timer repeats to -1 to the health. I was trying to make it so that it stops the timer so it will no longer -1, because if it reached 0, it would go ahead to say "this is WIP" even if you already lost. I wanted it so if the players health is 0, then this would no longer be possible.
  • Yeah, that did not seem to work @JR 01 ... I've been trying a lot of different ways.
  • Ok,
    if you can't get it to work, make a new object and copy and paste all the behaviors to it so it doesn't mess with the game. I'll take a look at tonight.
  • I'll have to recreate the code @JR 01 , but I'll do my best. The object will be the only sprite to have the default sprite when you create an object (if you can't find it). It will be a while to set it up, though. Thanks!
  • Thats fine, I have to work for the next 5 days so I can only use flowlab in the late afternoon.
  • Hold on @JR 01 , I just figured it out!... I apparently was putting things in the wrong place.. But it works now! Sorry if I had wasted any of your time, but thank you nonetheless! Have a great day!
  • Okay, so I had done that, but there is a new issue - the alerts keep on overlapping @JR 01 .. The programming is still all there (I am going to lock the level, keeping it paused, so you can enter the editor without players seeing the mistake at the moment), and I have no idea what is wrong. Just go into the "T.1.M loses code" and you'll see the messages go to T.0.DD, which should start his winning speech..

    However, when clicking an alert, after a few seconds, the alerts start redoing themselves and overlapping the current ones.. Check it out when you can, it will be locked for the time being. Thanks for all of the previous help, and have a fantastic day!
  • Is it still having this problem cause it seems to be fixed?

    The only thing that would reset the speech would be the timer.
    After you die, your you add 1 to you health.
    If the timer were to work one more time, it would hit 0 again and replay the speech.
    But I see you have 2 reset inputs to the timer that is help preventing it.

    As of now, the level works and I wasn't able to replay the speeches or any of the other alerts.
    If it is still broken, then please tell me a way, in steps, that I could do it so I can try it myself.
  • Yes, it works now @JR 01 , I had forgot to say so.. Sorry. But thanks anyways, for all of the work you had to do to figure out the stuff I couldn't!
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