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Update: HTML5 bug fixes



  • I also want loading screens.. I think all of us want loading screens @grazer :lol:
  • Loading screens are outdated. Wouldn't it be better if your game DIDN'T need a loading screen?

    I know that everyone, or most of us, here love arcade and old games. But we don't really need loading screens. 2019. Time to move on to another aesthetic bois.
  • So you have a point @PixelPizza - it would be nice to not need them. Most modern games have clever schemes to hide the "loading screen": Pretty much any time you squeeze through a narrow passage like in Uncharted or Tomb Raider, or take an elevator like in Mass Effect, or fly a spaceship in Destiny, that's just a fancy (3D) loading screen.

    It would be tricky to do something like that in Flowlab, but there has to be some sort of time allowance to load in new game level data and objects, and we have to show *something* during that time.

    It would be really straightforward to allow for a single image to be assigned to each level, which could be that level's "loading screen". That would allow for a custom image to be displayed while the game (or a single level) is loading and initializing, but wouldn't allow for fancy animations.

    I'm open to better ideas if anyone has them.
  • @graxer

    Click on "level select" levels 10, 12, 13, 14, and 15 won't show the full graphic that I uploaded. Is there some quirk in flowlab that I am accidentally exploiting, am I doing someone wrong, or have I run into a bug?

    I have tried multible times to get these levels to show the full graphic, by re-uploading them and doing all I know to get them to stay, but every time I reload the page the full graphic disappears.
  • Black fade-ins and fade-outs would be completely fine for me. I will add them anyway aha.

    Otherwise, I could use other similar ideas. Like the "Loading Room Screen" from Revita (Still on Early alpha). Which is pretty cool and it's fast. That's what players want.


    The gif is obviously sped up. But you can see how smooth and FAST the transition is.
    More info on Revita:
  • I'd honestly like something like shown in the gif, or at least be able to change the color of the loading piece to something other than white.
  • edited June 2019
    The current loading in flowlab is like a flash of a white screen but loads pretty quick.

    My only suggestion to do is to let us pick what color is shown.
    A flash of white is quick but kinda blinding. I would like the option for a black screen.
    Other colors could be cool cause you could also match the background of the next level.

    Animation or images shouldn't be need for how fast Flowlab is actually loading the game.
  • Agreed @JR 01 , but if someone wanted one, and if it did load for a while, then the option would also be nice to have.
  • My game takes forever to load, I think it’s cause it has so much stuff in it.
  • @JR 01 You can already change the color. It uses the background color of the level that is about to load.

    If you don't want the level and loading screen to have the same background color you can create a background object that covers the whole screen.
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