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The Graveyard 2

edited June 2019 in Play My Game
Play the game now! Hope you enjoy :)
It's not done yet. There are only default and gun skeletons, but I'll add more in the future. Shop is also coming soon.

If you have feedback, suggestions, questions or anything else you can post it here. You can also share your highscore so I can put it in the leaderboard in the description of the game.


  • Sweet add power ups.
  • The only thing I have to say is that I preferred the more 8.-bit look of the previous main character, but everything else is golden!
  • My high score is 200 exact.
  • This is a pretty nice sequel game latif, my high score will for now be 112.
  • Awesome! I can't wait to see how this one turns out - I love the original.
  • Wow dude, that final boss is CRAZY. I won't spoil it, but

  • I tried it it’s really good @Latif
  • @Johnny boy I kinda hated the idea of power ups because it basically gives you an advantage for no reason, and you need luck to have one spawned in your game too because it's random. I do plan to add new weapons, and you'll be able to see your highscore with each weapon. Anyway, thanks for playing.

    @rcreger I literally made the character in the first game in less than minute. I tried to put more effort into the art/sprites this time. I honestly prefer the art in this game but yeah everyone can have their own opinion you know. Added your highscore to the leaderboard btw.

    @JR 01 Added your highscore too.

    @grazer Hope you can feature it when it's done :)

    @Mhx Aîr Gosh darnit Mhx what do you mean you won't spoil it! You just did it!
  • It does look like it had more effort in it @Latif - I guess I just liked the previous style. The one now does not look bad at all, it's just not my style.

    And thanks for putting up the score! Good luck with the game!
  • My best is 94.

    (I know I suck)
  • Was it just me, or is that you can't collect bones anymore in either of the games?
  • @rcreger There's no currency yet in The Graveyard 2. Bones in the first game should actually work, and it does for me.

    @Johnny boy Added your highscore. It's not bad though, around 67 you're at the max speed.
  • @Latif Ok, and it’s really hard.
  • My highscore is 150.

    Good job with the art, I feel like I'm playing an actual game.
  • @my_name (<_>) Thanks! Added your highscore.
  • Yeah, the bones seem to work now.
  • I saw you took of the party hat, I like it better without it.
  • @Latif you should change the link so it says "play" instead of view, that way you get a play everytime someone clicks on the link
  • @Johnny boy It was just for my birthday lol

    @my_name (<_>) Didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing it out.
  • Also, theres another glitch I found thats pretty obscure but notable. If your ammo bar is moving up and you pause the game, it will keep moving up until your full.
  • That's probably likely to timers not pausing. He would need to connect the pause button to delay the timer.
  • Timers should pause with the game now, at least in the HTML5 version
  • edited June 2019
    @Latif Oh lol
  • FINALLY, @Latif you made a second one!
  • @my_name (<_>) ahem


    You can play the HTML5 version here. But @grazer still needs to fix some issues:

    1) The spawn behavior is just completely broken because it usually spawns the object at the wrong y position.

    2) When a skeleton spawns from a grave it'll do two animations: Rise and Walking. If the Rise animation is done, it'll start the Walking animation. The problem is that the skeleton flickers when changing the animation and it just doesn't look good.
  • @Latif,
    2) the flicker is the time between done and start of the 2 animations. Usually setting "stay on last frame" would help
    using a timer (same time as the first animation) to start the 2nd animation without waiting on the first animation to finish.

    I had this problem with the intro animation for DRIVE.
  • @JR 01 Already tried that, doesn't work.

    You do know this is in the HTML5 version right? It doesn't flicker in the flash version for me.

    Also, there shouldn't even be a delay between done and start. That doesn't make any sense.
  • edited June 2019
    Idk, if it works in flash then it should work in HTML @grazer.

    I just use to have the same thing happen to me in Flash with the done --> start lag.

    For the Intro Animation, Hover Car and Surfer, I used timers to make different sets one smooth animation.

    I may have used both, timer and check.
  • I don't really like workarounds to avoid an issue. We have grazer, he can fix it.
  • @Latif - the spawn position issue should be sorted out, but I haven't looked at the flicker yet.
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