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Track which level a player is on

Is there any way to track what level a player is on and make a behavior activate? For example, play this song only if the player is on level 2, or play this animation only if on level 3?


  • not officially, only way is to make a save depending on what the player does,
    such as collision with this exit or if you press this button.
  • How about sending a message to the player object when the level starts, to tell it what the current level is?

    So each level would have an object that does something like Once -> Message "level" which sends a number corresponding to the level, so level 1 would send "1", level 2 would send "2", etc.

    The player would have a Mailbox trigger that checked the incoming value and uses a filter to to play the sound or animation depending on which level value is recieved.

    Does that make sense?
  • That's how I get different music to play on certain screens and levels
  • Makes since, although I'll probably go with JR 01's solution because it uses less objects.
  • edited June 2019
    How about, @Biscuit Butter, when you click a button or something to go to a level it saves a number (egg. level 1 = number 1) then when you enter the level it would load that number save to who ever you need it to load to?
  • That's basically what I said Lyndon.
    A button is good to get between menus but isn't necessary to continue the game.
    Most saves are better to be used in the player, such as +1 when there's collision with the object that takes you to the next level.
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