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HTML Size Mechanic

With the new add on mechanic that let's us change the size of the object by the X and Y axis individually,
I started making an example game to demon-strait some features that would be great for this feature.

I've made 5 examples so far, but I'm still making more to try out.
If you have any other ideas for me to try out, then leave a comment.

1 Controlled
2. 3D Spin
3. Bounce
4. Laser Blast
5. Teleportation


  • these are great examples, I like the last two especially :)
  • Thanks Grazer, there's a lot more to try since this also effects the hitbox.
    I'll be adding more to it, as I find more ideas.
  • Right, it does affect the hitbox. One thing to keep in mind (that I failed to mention) is that circle collision shapes cannot deform - this means that even if the sprite scales in only one direction, a circle collision shape will still scale uniformly.
  • Do the capsule hitbox deforms freely? @grazer
  • uhh... @PixelPizza,
    You can go into the editor and try the last level (8) labeled "Capsule".

    I set where you can control the size like the first one butttttt..... It Crashes.
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