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  • Alright @Mhx Aîr today i'm going to start learning Photoshop!
  • ooooooooh, not going be on alot, but i'll still let you review mine

    This is a soccer game with AI. I am not finished with it (mostly shop and 1 more game mode) But Its still play able right now. Also the kick animation for the main player is currently not working because im changing things. I've been apart of the communiity for about 2-3 years but i took a long break half way through.
  • @ToastMaster64 Interesting game so far. I made it about 5 levels and tried the editor. I like that you attempted custom graphics. If you make fully custom everything and feel like the game is finished, I'll review it then. Otherwise, I can't review anything that uses borrowed graphics. The idea seems good so far though. Keep it up!
  • edited June 2019
    @WHatispoppin WHOA lol, That AI is really good at winning. I think the goal needs to be fixed though, because the bot scores even if they go above the net. Make a solid thin line or something above the net so the ball bounces off the top and doesn't score. If you make the game look really good, it will be pretty fun for a mini game. You could make a whole game full of mini sports games.
  • Hey @Mhx Aîr

    Glad you liked my game, and I know it uses mostly "Default" graphics. iI'm just real bad at making art lol. Im probably not going to change them though. Thanks for the review-ish.
  • Yeah, same @ToastMaster64 I'm not good at graphics, thats why every time I send Survive the Zamboodles to ve reviewed, everyone complains about the graphics being crappy
  • edited June 2019
    I sucked at graphics at one point. My proof comes from my first few games, which are still around to this day lol

    My real advance on graphics started somewhere when I first started working on my starblast concept.

    Practice makes perfect, I guess....
  • hey @Mhx Aîr, you know your checkpoint example? I have a simpler one... I'll give ya the link here. walk into a zombie or something.
  • @Lyndon Bork
    Not gonna lie, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing lol

  • edited June 2019
    Since I am using mobile and therefore cannot make another discussion, I will tell you guys here.
    You may not remember me, but you will certainly remember my works, such as the first working TD, the first working Multiplayer Survival Game, a working .io game, and my biggest pride, a working Terraria.
    I am sad to announce that, due to time restraints and life, I am leaving the Flowlab community. Do not worry, though, I will NOT get rid of my games, I will NOT stop paying for Flowlab, and I certainly am NOT done with this wonderful site. I WILL come back, but, as I said, due to life & time, I will be leaving for a year or two.
    Thank you for your kindness,
    Special thank to:
    @Daniel Folston
    And especially to @Grazer for providing this awesome group. Thanks! :)

  • Bye @meburningslime, it was really fun playing some .io with you and @rcreger.
  • Yeah, thanks!
  • @meburningslime
    I understand, I come and go for sometimes up to months based on work and life. Come and go as you like. Most of us will likely still be here when you get back. See you then!
  • I wish you luck @meburningslime - things happen, but the most important thing to do when things happen is to keep moving on. Down let things down you. Look at the brightness of life when it is still there. Some moments will never happen again, so savor them.

    Hope to see you soon, you've been a great friend!

    P.S., and yeah, it was fun playing io., @Johnny boy !
  • The guys. Bye!
  • 'tis beautiful @Mhx Aîr. just walk to something that kills you and it creates the player at the bed.
  • Bye @meburningslime , You were amazing help with a few of my games, your awesome and I hope to see you again
  • @meburningslime Another one bites the dust....
  • Thx guys. @ToastMaster64 really...

    I like We Will Rock You more.
  • @the kodex
    I mean, the menus all look really good, so I expected the gameplay to look just as good as the menus, but then they don't even really work right. The first one, the car one, you die if you shoot an enemy. The one with the turrets, when you choose platformer, standing almost anywhere kills you. The ninja and cop one, you can't even jump high enough to reach the switch. I don't think any of these are finished or ready for a review. If you make the games work right, and they look as good as the menus look, then let me know after that.
  • edited June 2019
    yo @Mhx Aîr I am expecting like, bad feedback from this. started yesterday. can I get some tips and what you think (so far) of my game. (btw, its a demo. if enough peoples like it, then I release a full game)
    (link bye bye :D)
    P.S: Dont forget: I am still workin' on it.
  • edited June 2019
    Also, for @The Kodex, you want the player to die when the player hits the enemy. In your car game, the player dies when the enemy is shot. To fix that, just go into the "dangerous" folder thingy and turn the collide from "All" to "Player".

    (also, I've noticed that the bullets only shoot one way...)
  • @Lyndon Bork I kept getting stuck and couldn't really shoot. Not sure if it's a story lock or because you are a rectangle.
  • edited June 2019
    forgive me, what is story lock? :D

    yeah,' me first know...probably baddio
    (Just added skin shop, so if you played BEFORE skin shop, play again)
  • @Lyndon Bork A story lock would be pausing the game while the cutscene plays.

    The slime game isn't bad, you made your own graphics too, which is nice. I checked out the store. You should take some notes from games like Latif's Graveyard, since your game seems similar.
  • edited June 2019
    also I do have a thingy in the shop and its kind of not awesome but its legit and you can change character (his name's Carl) 's jacket

    (also thank you for comparing A wrinkle in Slime to the graveyard :D)
  • In the Car game, Level 2 blocks were not meant to be enemies, the Assasin One is to presist. You can reach the Leaver, you just need to use different tactics. The Platformer mode is meant to be incredibly difficult so i don't have to make it infinite, and @Lydon Bork I have NO clue why the Car only shoots one way.
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