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Show off your best work! ::Talented user scouting::



  • Fixed most bugs on car game. Except one way shooter. I cannot ix that. The Car Game was my first game, so all the bugs where me just begging on Flowlab.
  • BTW All art by me on all Games (Unless says otherwise in comments)
  • You need to go into the Emit tab, @The Kodex, and click "rotate objects"
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    i dont know my best but my favorite (FINISHED ONE) is this .
    I am working on a open world adventure platformer (like a 2d mario 64 ) but to make a finished product ill need some funding on my behalf
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    @Mhx Aîr

    Here are two games I'm working on. Neither are finished but they are getting close (I think...).
    None of the games features original music or sound effect. (I'm working on it)

    Dungeon Crawler Adventure thing (lots of hours put into this one)

    Zombie Survival Arcade type game
  • @Battery Wow man, I sent you a message
  • @Battery Dungeon Crawler is impressive! Will go back and play through more levels but first impressions are you're making a great game. Nice work!
  • yeah @Battery - those are both impressive already! Dungeon Crawler Adventure looks great, I love it so far :)
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  • @Battery I really like the art in both games. First game really needs attacking with mouse though. I saw you're already working on it.

    They should be featured. I think they fit perfectly with the other featured games. If you work a bit more on the zombie game it could be really great and fun. It doesn't have enough action now.
  • Just a few more stuff on the dungeon crawler. Oh and name and it's ready to go. Keep up the great work @Battery
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    @Latif Thank you. I will look into making the zombie game more action-packed I think it's a great idea. The game does get faster and more enemies come depending on how many kills you have but because the scoring doesn't work for some reason when its played in the browser so it seems like the game doesn't get any faster.
    @PixelPizza, Love the support, the naming is the hardest part. ;)
  • @Lance Hackman Where did you get the graphics for your game?
  • Hi im kinda wondering if this game is any good? could you guys give me some feedback
  • Just stopping in to say hi.
  • I've been here for about 1 year and a half. I'm only active for maybe an hour or 2, which makes my games have a little less quality, but I try my hardest.
  • im still working on my game cuboid, but i'd love to hear what you think!
  • @Doctor_soup why does your game remind me of CUBED (Lite)?
  • not a game, but its a pretty funny video
  • I don't think you're supposed to post stuff like that here...
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    OK, but for real, i made this game for spongebobs 20th anniversary. i would be happy if you guys reviewed it. thanks
  • Hey, @Mhx Aîr I may not be the best, but recently I've been working with some of the most advanced flowlab tech I've seen.
    My work mainly lies in the 'minds' of NPCs. Yesterday, I had the first complete conversation with an NPC. Pick where you want the conversation to lead, and you can talk about it.
    1K is my greatest work yet, even though there's not a lot to do right now. I have work, but my designs, they work. Piper is the only NPC on flowlab as far as I know that you can have an actual conversation with.
    I also have a design for shops that don't make you leave the level, which is in progress.
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    I just want to make a reminder for anyone that hasn't read through the topic, this post is aimed at seeking users with games that are finished or almost finished, with the entry bar recommended at being "Super Mario Bros NES" quality or higher. Super Mario Bros NES is a complete game, with a title screen, a menu, 2 player mode, a coin system, a lives system, 32 levels, secrets, shortcuts, a matching art style, different themed levels, day mode, night mode, swimming, powerups, a damage health system, various enemy types with unique movement traits, boss battles, several music tracks, and an end game scene.

    If your game isn't up to par with one of the most well known old retro games, and isn't something you think is ready for the app store or something people would maybe buy or watch ads for, finished or a demo, then I can't review it.

    There are too many requests for me to review games that were just started or barely worked on. Talented user scouting is looking for people that are making full finished products, or demos. I don't have enough free time to review games that aren't finished yet.

    Please only submit games that you are ready to submit to the public for testing or selling.

    Ideas come and go, people tend to abandon projects all the time. That's why I'm mostly looking for players that proved they can finish and polish a game to look like a finished indie game you would buy.

    Super Mario Bros NES quality is the requirement bar to get a review and potentially an invitation.

    It has to be fun, fair, beatable, and something people would buy and show to their friends.

    It can be a demo, but it has to be basically finished as far as gameplay and graphics, even if there are only a few levels, and not all enemies, bosses, or abilities. This is a concept demo. It's complete and fun as it is, but a lot can be added to, including updates, new modes, and DLC.

    A regular demo is better, because everything works as it should in the full game, but not everything can be unlocked and you can't play the whole game. However, it acts as it would in the full game up until the end of the demo. Nothing missing.
  • Oh, sorry @Mhx Aîr , must've forgot or read over that part. But is this post going anywhere? Will I have time to finish my game?
  • edited July 2019
    This post isn't going anywhere. I found 3 users with really well made indie game demos, that I would definitely buy if they finish those game. I've been on flowlab since 2013, and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Your game seems like it is still in early development, maybe a recently started project. You have all the time you want to finish it. Most people end up working on a new game when they get tired of a project, which is why I don't like reviewing unfinished games. When you think it's ready enough to call a demo, something you would put on the app store or steam, let me know, and I'll review it. However, your game seems to have copyrighted characters, so as a fan game, I don't expect you to actually try to sell it, it just has to feel like a polished game. I'll be happy to review it when I have a day off, whenever you are ready.

    I can still look at games, or answer questions, but I won't review an unfinished game, or a game with copyrighted images or music that you do not own.
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