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A-Box (Update Log 2.0 - Extended)

edited February 22 in Play My Game
I'm going to be continuing the updates here since the other is too filled up. Continuing off of Version 0.9:

(Version 0.9)
- Updated bullet particles
- Fixed typos
- Added new menu SFX ( @Eric_Matyas )
- Graphics updates
- New smoother camera
- Edited smoother camera
- New game cover
- Edited new game cover
- Updated some SFX ( @Eric_Matyas )
- Edited smoother camera
- Added T.0.DD Easter Egg
- Added some cheats
- Started production of third monitor
- Added third monitor animation
- Edited laser and animation
- Edited some damage programming
- Arrow keys now changed to WAD for movement
(Version 1.0)
- Added the third monitor
- Added animations
- Added dialogue within the monitor
- Added numerous sounds within monitors ( @Eric_Matyas )
- Added better sound execution for characters
- Added some new, updated animations
- Added a loading sign/symbol
- Made animation for loading sign/symbol
- Updated loading sign/symbol
- Added timing into loading sign/symbol
- Added some new music within some monitors ( @Eric_Matyas )
- Some new bug fixes/testing
- New UI placement
- Other UI fixes
- Adjusted new update UI
- Adjusted new damage UI
- Fixed platforms and buttons
- Edited sprites for platforms and buttons, also their animations
- Fixed glitching/flashing sprites in the beginning
- Edited some background sprites
- Can now use WAD and arrow keys

Here is the previous discussion for the first part of the update log - .

And here is the link to the game, A-Box:

Coming up :

- Puzzles
- More story development
- Skins
- More obstacles (So far: water, spikes, lasers, movable blocks, buttons & blocks, TNT)
- Credits
- Boss
Got all of these in the game!

This is all due if I have enough objects.

Thanks to everyone, and stay tuned to incoming updates!


  • New update! Added a smoother camera for the game! Go check it out!
  • A new A-Box cover is coming out soon once the cache resets! (If that's how it works, @grazer )
  • Made some minor edits to SFX, game cover, and smooth camera!
  • New update! Added a "couple" of Easter Eggs for the main level T.0.DD! Go try and find it!
  • New update! There is now some cheats in the game! Can you find them?
  • I beat this game first try.
  • Thank yoooou @GlassBlowerGuy ! People have said it was too hard, and that is what they disliked about it. I tried making it have a decent difficulty, but nothing to get over the story elements I was trying to implement.

    I hope you enjoyed the game, it took me a while to make, and is still being updated! If you enjoyed the game, please drop a like! I'd also appreciate any feedback you can off! Thanks again, and have a great day!
  • Yeah, sure @rcreger. It might be the fact that I've spent over 20 years gaming, and at least half of them, are games like yours (kind of). Anyways, I think it deserves to be on the front page. Good job making this out of a flowlab game!
  • Also, please post the link to your game
  • edited July 2019
    Thank you very much @GlassBlowerGuy ! For the link, if you click the link for the other update log, it has the link. But I suppose posting one here would make it easier:


    EDIT: It is in the description of this discussion as well. Thanks again!
  • New update! Currently the third and final monitor into the game! The animation is set for it at the moment, I just have to add the dialogue! Go check it out (in the editor)!
  • New update! I've updated the laser and its animation! Unfortunately, the third monitor is not finished.. But go check it out!
  • New update! There are no longer arrow keys in gameplay - you must use WAD to play A-Box from now on. Sorry for any inconveniences. Please enjoy, and leave any feedback below!
  • New update! I got a little busy on A-Box again.. I finally finished the last monitor, complete with animations and sounds (thanks to the works of @Eric_Matyas )! Also added plenty of other sounds throughout the game!

    I don't know what did it, but something messed up the UI placement, so I changed it up a bit. Hope you enjoy! Also added in a loading symbol that appears at the bottom right of the menu, main game, and boss fight! Fixed some other mishaps here and there, tested it thoroughly (especially with this laptop, it was exceedingly hard!), I think it is finalized! The complete updates will be in the game menu and the description of this discussion!


    Go check out those updates! Took me a decent amount of time to do... But enjoy!
  • New updates! Fix the platforms and buttons so they work (almost) like they used to, thank you @JR 01 and @grazer ! Also fixed glitching sprites in the beginning of the game, and have editing some other sprites in the background! Go check it out, and leave any feedback below!
  • Everything seems to be running fine. Nothing bad I can spot
  • Thanks for the insight @The Kodex !
  • I'll take a look @The Kodex
  • Going classic! New update! You can now use arrow keys and WAD keys now! Go check it out!
  • Yes! Finally! I Love using arrow keys! Thank You!
  • Really glad you like the update @The Kodex - I turned it from arrow keys a while ago due to the fact my friends arrow keys don't work :lol: but now you can just use either. Have fun!
  • Please make a sequel
  • Once I get Indie, I will. In fact, I might even extend this game (key word "might"). But if the reception of the first keeps going good, I'll think of a sequel. But one of the things I want to do it making the game some how longer, and adding more lore and levels. But we'll see. Thanks @The Kodex !
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