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ViperTeck Reviews! [Shut down because of school]

edited September 2019 in Reviews
Sure, you've seen this before, and you'll see it again! ViperTeck Reviews is here! Send your games in, and I'll review them based off of
Then, I will give you a random category to grade you on, based precisely on your game.
After that, I will average out your score at the bottom of my comment, giving a quick summary of my thoughts and feedback along with it. Good luck everyone!
Your games don't need to be finished, but you need to tell me so that I can grade you fairly. (=


  • Wow, that was fast! I'm on it. (=
  • edited July 2019
    Wow! Absolutely amazing intro! Great work @JR 01 !
    I loved the main menu, and the creativity in the title is awesome!
    But, I did have one problem. I couldn't figure out how to play. you might want to add instructions somewhere.
    It really does resemble the no internet dinosaur game, and I love that! =D
    But the whole not being able to move thing is kind of throwing me off. If you can tell me how to play, then I'll do the full review.
  • edited July 2019
    uhh @browngr,
    It's a mobile game that you tap the screen to play, you tap (aka click) the screen like it says on the home screen. This version is on the Google Play store.

    If you really want buttons, I have a PC version you can try that was made to be on NewGrounds.
    You still use tap controls but at least you can play the game mode with keys:
  • @JR 01 oh. Sorry I'm kind of dumb, but thanks! And no, buttons aren't needed, my first thought was just to use them.
    Okay, despite my small brain, I'm still going to do your full review. (=
    Awesome game!
    SKILL: Absolutely amazing! After looking through the stuff behind the scenes, this somewhat simple game is actually a work of art! Great work, 4/5.
    GRAPHICS: The art and style were great, but the game had literally no graphics. Although its part of the art-style, I have to give it a low score. 1/5.
    STORY: No story, but that's part of the fun. NO SCORE
    STYLE: What can I say, I couldn't draw these! 4/5.
    ART: 4/5. The style and representations of certain things made sure that you know what they were, and that they were an obstacle. Great work!
    CREATIVITY: 3/5. Here's why: It has huge resemblance to the dinosaur game, which I absolutely love, but that's not creativity. Although it might not be based off of that, I do have other reasons to give this a 3. The concept of constantly going in one direction and dodging obstacles is a pretty old one. It's fun, and never gets old, but the concept does. 3/5.
    Your bonus category is EXTRAS! Credits, awesome music to choose from, options, a shop, and an awesome title! 5/5 in the bonus category! AMAZING!!!
    NOW, @JR 01 ! The summary and grade!

    I loved the game. It was fun, and was always a challenge. But I didn't really like the fact that when you beat your high score, you had to start again. But, the intro was amazing, you had loads of things to choose from in the shop, the credits were awesome to watch, and the music was fun to listen to.
    All in all, a solid
    I took the calculations, and this is what I got. An understatement to the game, but the right score.
    Thanks for sending your game in! I had fun, and would love to play another one!
  • I have two for you...

    This game is complete, although I might make a sequel at some point in the future.

    This is really just a proof of concept. None of the sprites are "custom" but several of them have been edited and had details added.
  • Finally you got a review @browngr ! Mine is closed at the moment, but I'd like to know what you think about the nearly finished (practically is finished) A-Box! Thanks!


    Take your time, I know that reviews take time, and your reviews look great so far! Good luck!
  • What do you mean by "But I didn't really like the fact that when you beat your high score, you had to start again."?

    You restart whenever you die, getting a new high score shouldn't result in starting over.

    The score is for how long you survive, the point system is the only score that keeps going between plays.
  • Well that's what it did with mine?
  • Did a message pop up or did you just start over? There is a restart button and the messages pop up when you die. Niether one of these would cause a restart right when you get a high score.
  • @rcreger, awesome loading screen and menu! I always thought that there was a bit much on it though.
    Upon entering, the movement and camera following is smooth. I like the fact that for the unneeded details and interactions, it involves clicking instead of collision, so that it doesn't get in the way while playing. And the buttons, oh the buttons! So simple and yet so complicated! They were a great touch and messed with my brain from time to time. A puzzle inside of a death trap. How nice!
    It was frustrating when I was sent back to the beginning, over and over and over. Maybe creating an option where at certain points it auto-saves would be a good idea, but that's just me. (=
    Wow. The end was surprising. The boss battle took multiple tries and when I finished, it was surprising! I loved the ending!
    That's gonna get a good score on creativity!
    SKILL: 6/5
    GRAPHICS: 3/5
    STORY: 3.5/5
    STYLE: 5/5
    ART: 4/5
    BONUS- BOSS BATTLE/ OBJECTIVE: 4/5- the boss battle was pretty difficult, but it was very fun. It was actually kind of touching at the end, and I liked that.
    All in all, a
    Amazing work!
    This might be one of my favorite games on flowlab, competing directly with the classics like The Graveyard by @Latif and Starblast [email protected]!
    I do have one question though... Is there gonna be a sequel?
  • @JR 01 A message popped up.
  • Then you died at that moment, it wasn't because you got a higher score.
  • It happened every single time, and it kept on happening by one.
    The message read; Congratulations! You have gotten a new high score! Retry
    And it said that every single time.
  • But the weird thing is, it works now. Why does this always happen to me?
  • I look so dumb when this happens!
  • The only thing that can pause the can or make a pop up is caused by a collision.
    You may have clipped the hazards as you were landing if you jumped early,
    having a new high score was just a coincident.
  • edited July 2019
    Thanks for the review @browngr , I'll put the score in the description! Glad you liked it, I'm really happy with the result! Also, there are checkpoints, three of them, throughout the level. Each time you run into one of the boxes, that is a checkpoint, and displays the word "checkpoint" in the top-right corner, just in case you missed it.

    And maybe..
  • @JR 01 , thanks for confirming. (=
    I hope you enjoyed the review. (=
  • @rcreger, thank you for submitting the game! And a maybe is better than a no, so if it does come out, I'm looking forward to playing it! (=
  • Wait... I posted my game before him...

    Can you do my games at some point? just tell me what you think of Adventures of an 8-bit ninja so far. its a W.I.P
  • @my_name (<_>) , I did @rcreger's game before your's because there was one and not two, and I had already played it, which made things easier. So, I'll do your review now. (=
  • edited July 2019
    GRAVITY HOP- (I was already working on this review so I decided to finish it. I'll do Ninja when I can, since other people want a review as well.)
    Wow, what a game! It was really cool, and very confusing. But I could tell that that was part of the plan, good work @my_name (<_>) ! But I did have one issue. The lack of sprite creativity made the game feel blank, but that seemed to work in your favor for this. You're on thin ice, and yet, you couldn't be in a safer spot.
    I did encounter a bug that seemed to ignore the collision, and use proximity. Although bugs don't effect your grade, you might want to check it out.
    Now, time for the grade!
    SKILL: Very well made, and yet the amazing skill is hidden away by the simple design. 4/5
    GRAPHICS: 2/5. Although some blocks had graphics, most were simply blank with nice 3D preimeters. Although it looked good, it has a low score because of the sheer simplicity.
    ART: Same with graphics. Too simple, even if that is the art style, it's too simple and might be unappealing to certain players. I like it, but others might not. 3/5
    STORY: Since there is none, this gets no score. ___
    CREATIVITY: The concept, although seen before, is very imaginative! 4/5
    Bonus! Controls: The controls were good, just not perfect. 3.5/5
    SUMMARY: What a game! A rollercoaster of thoughts. Mixed emotions, everywhere.
    All in all, a solid.......
  • @ToastMaster64, I liked it! I got entranced, and played for quite a bit, until I made it to the end. I loved the music, and had a blast going through it. Even when I got stuck, I never got frustrated.
    SKILL: Simple, yet well made. 3/5.
    GRAPHICS: Classic flowlab graphics- and yet, it seemed so unique in a way. 4/5.
    ART: Very good! Are you a pixel artist? 5/5
    STORY: Even if Temple Run doesn't really have a story, it feels like there is. But because of my rules, I can't grade you on this.
    CREATIVITY: Very creative, even if it's based on a different game. 3.5/5
    Bonus! ENJOYMENT: EXTREMELY enjoyable! 5/5.
    Your game was awesome, and relieved some stress in the moment. I liked it, and would love to play more! (More levels????)
    All in all, a solid
  • Thanks for the positive review @browngr

    Were is the bug? I have seen problems with not reregistering a collision when jumping on to a platform, is that it?
  • @my_name (<_>) thanks for submitting the game!
    But no, in my play through, it would sometimes kill the player when in the air instead of when it actually touched the spikes.
  • edited July 2019
    Thanks for the feed back! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    As for more levels, Temple Runner Retro is a finished game, but there is still prestige so you can re-play it as many times as you want.

    Edit: BTW that's the first time I've heard it described as "stress relieving" lol.
  • @ToastMaster64, only the pros can find it stress relieving
    (Just Kidding lol)
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