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AFFRAYER - Unleash The Storm Inside You



  • @PixelPizza Really excited to see your game!

    Also you can copy the dash dunkers game to work on it.
  • Your artwork is fantastic in all of your games @PixelPizza , looking through these. How'd you get so good? I've been practicing a bit, and what you've done looks like something i can only do in my far future. So, what's the trick?
  • Thanks, but there is no secret or trick, it's just practice.

    Step 1: Practice
    Step 2: Repeat Step 1
  • haha :lol: yeah, I understand. I guess it is also having qualities such as patience to have to remake each sprite for an animation.

    However, thanks anyways, you made my day :lol: So have a great day!
  • edited September 2019
    Hey! any new updates yet @PixelPizza ?
  • Unfortunately, on Affrayer I haven't made any progress that is appealing enough to post.

    On the other hand, if you all haven't noticed already...
    Awakening is back from the dead!
    Awakening Replica

    If you never had a chance to play the original Awakening, this is it!

    Awakening "(Replica)" because it's exactly how Awakening was back in the day, but this time it works!

    I had this clone of the original Awakening a long time ago, but it was broken. With a little bit of free time, I managed to fix most of it (There are still some parts that need tweaking but the main part of the game is playable).

    Enjoy :)
  • hey, hey, hey! Its finally here!
  • hey, hey, hey! Its finally here!
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