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You should be able to make objects bigger than the screen limit!

Think about it: I have a perfect example for my game:
My newest game, "Survival" is going to have planets that you can traverse and explore, but first you need to find them. Once you do, It would be pretty pathetic if the place where you might want to set up shop or get materials to survive is the size of your spaceship, right?
This isn't bias, I've run into this problem in the past as well, but this is my newest issue with the screen limit...


  • I think the sprite editor should be revamped before an idea like this.
    You currently cant move in sprite editor so zooming in on other than the center creates problems.
    It's easier to create parts anyway instead of 1 massive object anyway...

    What I personally would like to see is a zoom in/out option for the camera
  • @JR 01, I see where you're coming from but for something like what I'm trying to do, (The planets are no longer in orbit and are simply flying through the universe) that means I would have to use the attacher block and replicate the same logic across every single planet and chunk of planet in the game. It's just too repetitive... But yeah, a zoom out feature would be AWESOME too.
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