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Is this LEGAL

@grazer I have been working on a game called Sanity I have uploaded music but the thing is it is a recording of a soundtrack by BadWabbitz called "When Memories Break" I didn't buy it or ask permission to use the soundtrack but I gave full credit to the original creator But I don't know if its still Illegal. I decided to take out the recording just in case unless it is legal.


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    Yes its still illegal but I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you plan to export your game or show it in a video. Though even If you bought it, you still cant use it because of licensing. Its all about permission, unless they state for credits or free use.

    This may help:
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    Found the music video and it states "anyone can use this song for whatever freely, please give credit" in the description, so giving credit in game should be fine.

  • Something similar happened in one of my games as the boss music, I went to another website and used its song, but I replaced it with Flowlab music just in case it was illegal (especially since it will be exported as a desktop app when I finish the game).
  • Ok Thank you I was only planing to have the game remain on this website I have no intention making it a desktop app I also wasn't planing to make a video about it. But I'm still going to use Flowlab music just to be safe
  • You can be safe if you want @Turtleshell, but you can use this specific song any way you want as long you have he song name and author somewhere in the game.

    That's actually how I use songs for streams and games.
  • Oh ok thank you
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