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How to?

edited October 2019 in How To
How can I make sure that not all of my needles come up suddenly in this game?


  • Point at is your friend
  • Thx Latif and good luck in "The Graveyard 2" game!
  • edited October 2019
    And one more help need. How to make dusts splits around the drop and Drop area sometimes spawns in the barrier.
  • Why animations are not working?
  • edited October 2019
    Animation isn't save and more bugs in there why soo bugy?
  • edited October 2019
    @ElecTronIC0 there are several problems for what your asking;
    1. The game link doesn't go to the game
    2. Your not specific with whats wrong (level, object, details, bugs)
    3. Careful what you say... while in the community
  • i am 12 years old and ok.
  • Just saying..
    If you still want to try, I can help I if you say whats wrong with what object.
  • If player hits and stop next to drop, drop shows E letter (animation). If player go another place drop stops showing E letter.
  • yeah... so do you want to keep showing E after player leaves??
    You can click "loop" in the animation block for that.

  • and 2. player tank isnt emitting bullet to the cursor's side
  • if player dont leave drop stopping showing E
  • Ok, so for Bullet 2 to shoot towards the cursor, you need to click "Angle is dependent" in the emit.


    And for the E animation, again use loop:


    If you want to keep E only when the player is next to it, I would try to use Proximity.
    Here's the best way to use proximity with these settings: (that logic gate is NOR)



    ALSO if your wondering why the game crashes, there is a infinite loop in your programming in the player's score bundle that breaks the game.

  • But how to make player takes green drop present player shows 2. animation and throws bullet2, after player takes black drop present player shows 3.animation and throws double bullet2s, but before player takes black drop present player shows 4. animation and throws double bullets, after takes green drop present player shows 2. animation and throws bullet2. That too hard to make for me.
  • Now I'm not understanding what your saying...
    I cant fallow the question to help with it.
    Power ups seem to work and I don't know how you want to do it.

    Whichever way, I don't see it being "too hard" for you if you made a power up bundles and system at 12.
    You can test more of the blocks you don't know or use that may help you. Such as Toggle Switch, Logic Gate, Saves and a few others. Practice around with some of these and when you know everything, you can do almost anything like a Indie game would do.
  • ok (my english is bad)
  • And i cant. i learned what is the toggle switch and logic gate (less) but i can't do it!
  • edited October 2019
    It sounds like you want to down grade from the small double gun to the 1 big gun...
    If so, It seems you could do something with the switch that goes onto 2 because it doesn't turn back on.

    Also its very inconsistent sense you have the shoot button as the toggle switch for 3 and 4.
  • sorry i deleted the game.
  • sorry to hear, I hope you continue to try Flowlab
    if not come back to it later and try again.

    Many good games have been made from it such as
    The Graveyard, StarBlast 2, and a game I made myself
    that's now in the Google Play store Called Drive Nero.
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