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The Forgotten Game



  • Wait, so does that mean that the Manglers will have a poison-like effect when they successfully attack you? That sounds like a cool idea actually.
    Also, just out of curiosity, will the player be able to recharge the phone somehow or will they have to wait for the next night?
  • I'm the same person as @ShadowAxeKid Productions . just going to start working on this account.

    The manglers don't have venom or poison or anything. The thing that makes them so deadly are there sharp fingers that you would think they were military knives, and there very quick speed. That is what makes them probably the most deadly non-boss android.

    Also, if you want it to have the phone have a charge feature, I would make it to where if its charging, you can't look. It'll just show Battery
    I'll make it with a unique color to. The charging button on the keyboard should probably be [C], for obvious reasons.
  • Ok well thanks! now i understand why everything is black!.
  • Oh, I just got confused when you said that you would "cripple and die."
  • Your not the only one who thought that. My brother said that to.
  • @ShadowAxeKid how is the game going? I noticed not much has changed since nearly 3 months.
  • heya, @Superstargames ! Haven't heard from ya in a while!

    I haven't made much progress due to a very rough start in my 2nd year of middle school, and being very busy. (If you count working with 10 people busy idk.) It has pushed me to be here on the weekends now, with the exception of little windows of time here and there. Though I have thought of a few more things. But not that much.

    To be honest, I was on the verge of completely forgetting about Forgotten, but since you have shown some concern after such a long time, I will try to get back on my feet and try to start working on that game again. Thank you for showing some concern and not letting me forget!

  • You're welcome, I understand how tough middle school can be, and I almost forgot Flowlab entirely for that period. I'm excited to see how the Forgotten will turn out to be.
  • Yeah, Middle School sucks. But still. And yeah, I am also excited to see how it'll turn out as well. Been making plans for it, getting a little help, and getting extra time. I will announce something soon. Probably this weekend when I have the time and make progress.
  • Ok so I have a few ideas. Mainly just things to make the game more complicated and requires more skill. :naughty:

    Phone Ideas
    Charging feature has been considered; Will be in the game.

    However, just to make the game more fearful, you have a 5% chance that your phone will get CurRupteD and you cannot use your phone.

    Your phone can also has 1% to be hacked every 15 seconds. (you have to have 10 years of bad luck in order for you to get that :lol:) (I have no idea why the rest of the text is italic but ok)

    Game play Ideas
    A store with different bullets! You must choose what bullets you have. Every day you get 200$ to spend on bullets.There are three of them. Each type do damage and go to a certain gun

    -Lead Round Nose (LRN): 50 bullets for 20$, (+1 damage with pistol)
    -Wad Cutter (WC): 50 bullets for 50$ (+3 damage with pistol)
    -Birdshot Ammo: 25 bullets for 20$ (+5 damage with shotgun)
    -Buckshot Ammo: 25 bullets for 50$ (+10 damage with shotgun)
    -7.62R: 5 bullets for 20$ (+4 damage with sniper rifle)
    - .308 Winchester: 10 bullets for 75$ (+10 damage with sniper rifle)

    I will add these updates after I am done with the Android Mapping.
  • Corruption to the phone is a good idea. So is the hacked part. Though a store in the house sounds like a random idea, it would make it easier to get ammunition (I was just about to ask how you would get ammo other than killing Wartime).
  • Well, it would sound stupid to have a ammunition shop in your own home lol. I think that every time you start a day, you take a visit to the ammunition store and get some bullets. Seems logical. I mean, who wouldn't take a trip every day when there are killer robots in your house every night?

    Also a variety of bullets sounded like a good idea. I wanted it to where you had to think of the situations you would be in on that night. Really I just wanted the player to think a little. That is kind of the premise of the game: to use your head and think on how to best execute your resources.

    Also, I now think that killing Wartime would also be a good idea for ammo. Some androids should at least give you a good reward once killed. After all, they do take a long time to kill.

    Another thing: There can only me one android at a time in your room. Don't want it to make it impossible.
  • I have a little tip for you. I think that the phone and marking locations for the androids should be a user interface objects so that they don't collide with other objects in the game world and so that they follow the player's POV whenever they enter a room. They same should apply with jumpscares. That way, you won't have to move the phone all the time when the player transitions between rooms. But don't give the androids themselves the user interface as they will need to move around the house rather than stay put and follow the player's screen.
  • edited November 2019
    dude im twelve and this game is not gonna scare me iv'e played fnaf,baldi,slender man,hello nabor,and freddy crooger games not scared at all of em i'll choose other age
  • edited November 2019
    ... its just black are you still making it?
  • He's still making the game, it is incomplete.
  • @witherdragon4

    Yeah, the game is still in very early development. (Mainly because what I am wanting takes literal hours of experimenting, trail and error, and correcting) So yeah, its just a black screen, because I am making quick sketches and examples on an empty game, on one of my other accounts.

    Hmm... guess I'm not the only guy who is 12. Nice that you play through all those horror games! :)
  • edited November 2019
    yah i dont get scared easy.superstar is in my grade?he's right that it suck's
  • edited November 2019
  • Actually, I am older than 12, but I am not giving away my exact age regardless.
  • It's been quite a while since I saw change in this game that I almost forgot about it. I've seen @ShadowAxeKid mentions using other accounts to make sketches and tests for the game. Is that still happening?

    (I don't want to seem like I am rushing you, I know how difficult it is to make a game)
  • Heya @Superstargames

    I've been going through personal things for quite a bit, so pretty much everything is paused in this website until I announce that everything is done through in my life and I can have the spare time I had back then.

    Nonetheless I'm trying to at least do something useful. I am indeed making progress, but none of it is noticeable here. I've been writing ideas and making so many flowcharts for everything, along with trying to improve art and make everything looking nice and cool. However it is a very very slow progress with the time I have to do so.

    This Game Hasn't Been Scratched. I feel like I should announce this because there is very little to no activity here or on the game progress. I didn't want to get anyone upset if they though that is was scratched.
  • Ah, got it. That is understandable. Just wanted to know.

    I am now going to start revealing my progress publically, bit by bit. HOWEVER, you will not be any progress on the actual game, because I am still very busy and mostly will not home a lot with my computer to be able to work on it. So yeah. Most of the things I will post will either be:

    A ) Screenshots/pictures

    B ) Lists

    C ) Public Google Docs/Slides

    And that's it basically. I will try to post as often as I can so I can get things going up again and get some other opinions, since this is a game for everyone to work on and help me with. :)



    the end REE
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