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Idle game mechanic example (new update)

The new "Clock" block is now one of my favorite blocks! I've been waiting for something like it for over a year. The reason for this is you can now tell how long someone has been offline.

I've created an interesting example of how to implement this:

The calendar block right above it is also cool because you could create something that changes on a certain date. For example, you could put a sale on things for black Friday automatically. Or you could schedule an event for all users. I'm looking forward to using this in a simple idle game. Once I make that I'll post it in the "Play My Game" category. In the meantime, I'd love to see a game use this feature. I'm gonna @ some flow lab users I would love to see a game using this feature from. @Latif @CrimsonBlackGames


  • Nice, this is a pretty cool way to use Stamps.
    And I agree, there are many uses out of using a Live clock.

    This was the first thing I did soon as the new behaviors were available.
  • I checked out the game, and the clock on the last page really intrigued me.

    I'm surprised not more people are talking about this.
  • One cool thing that you could do with this feature is make an ACTUAL idle game. log on, buy upgrades that give you money say... hourly, start getting money, log of, wait two days, log on, GET THE MONEY FROM THE LAST TWO DAYS. This is on my potential list of things to do after I finish the projects I'm working on rn.
    Heres a cool thing you can do with time stamp. When you enter the game you get a cool title animation, but if you leave and come back quickly you don't have to wait. The game checks how long you have been gone and if its greater than 10 minutes you get an animation, if not you go straight to the end.
  • @WHatispoppin Nice! Really liked the idea, never thought of this application. I can see this being used on a welcome message like:
    "Hi, You haven't played this game in a week!
    Do you want to play the tutorial again?
    -Yes -No"
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