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The Graveyard 2



  • well i think more then two but that would be overkill
  • edited December 2019
    got a recent highscore of 96 after a few minutes of getting used to it. the speed debuff was excruciating, amazing nonetheless First highscore
  • umm i think that word was a cuss word plz edit that out thx
  • I got 103! This game is very fun but the floating barrels are pretty annoying to deal withScreen Shot 2019-12-05 at 10.44.06 AM
  • edited December 2019
    It would only take about 20 minutes to reach a score of 2793. While the score is still ridiculously high, it is most certainly NOT "impossible" with some decent RNG.
  • Alright, I guess that I was wrong. The number just seemed too unbelievable to me.
  • How to change webpage background?
  • sick new game! i played it.
  • Someone help me!!!
    ON level 3 in my level, the Character sinks in the block and he goes slower than usual.
    Here is the link:
    Tell me if you find out why
  • @NelsonGamer75, if you need help then please create a + New Discussion for your game.⬉
    It looks like it works on Lv3... did you fix it?
  • New christmas update :)

    Play now and get a gift from this skeleton:
  • Wow, that's a cool update (no pun intended)! I like it.
    (also the gift hurt a little bit)
  • Merry christmas everyone! I added a new multiplayer mode, here's a video showcasing it:

    Other small changes:
    * Reworked the gun skeleton so its gun has a limited range now, and the skeleton will only shoot if you're within that range. Also made it so the skeleton can shoot multiple times if you don't kill it quick enough.
    * The guard skeleton will now get knocked back if you hit its shield
  • Hey @Latif, I'm not sure if I played the game while you were editing it, but the electric skeleton has a small bug where it moves away from the player, then runs back and forth throughout the arena. The bug seems to be less active after it teleports behind the player, but even then it sometimes moves away from the player.
  • Sometimes when I work on stuff, go afk and come back a few hours later I usually forget what I was doing. You just reminded me that I was reworking the electric skeleton logic but I haven't finished yet lol.
  • hi latif are you mad about the fan club.............? :anguished:
  • how do i delet comments..?
  • edited May 17
    um my guess click edit and just leave it like that? :anguished:
  • ....................................... i will never get to that score
  • edited July 18
    @Latif if you Keep pressing 3 You Can Have UNLIMITED Invinsibility. But Soon, It Lags. And I Got More Than 1000 Score, And I Don't Like It. Please Fix That.
  • What Happend To To Final Boss?
  • edited July 19
    @latif If You Keep Pressing 3, Then You Can Get Invinsibility. And Got Score 1000+ From That. Please Fix It.... Or, You Don't Have To.
  • Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 8.02.28 PM
    Did Not Press 3. I Did Multiplayer With My brother.
  • I added this to an older discussion and figured I could move it here. You could add power us or something that drops from the enemies and can upgrade your bullets like a bullet that goes through multiple enemies. Just an idea.
  • And new weapons in a gun store maybe lol
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