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(Closed) Need game characters for a special thing I’m making

edited December 2019 in General
Hi everyone,

I thought it’d be cool to make an unofficial “flowlab 2019” design to put on a poster, or shirt, or something, to kinda reflect on flowlab this year.
For part of my project I’m including every game character (one character per flowlab user) or object from every featured game to have in the design.

However I’m not sure which games to the top are more relevant than others, so I’m willing to take any main characters, objects, etc from anyone else’s game (again, only one character or object per flowlab user).

Three rules:
-The character or object cannot be a default one or an edit of a default one (Ex. The player sprite provided by flowlab is colored grey to be a robot)
-only one character, per game, per user.
-and nothing controversial/NSFW

If you want your character or object from one of your games in the design I’m making, comment with your game linked below! I’ll accept all requests if they follow the rules :). If you want a specific character or object, add or describe the object you’d like along with the game link.
I will stop taking submissions December 10th, and design should be complete before the end of the year.

I hope this turns out to be a pretty cool thing, and thank you!


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