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Porky's Nightmare - A Game That Will Give You Real Nightmares (Getting a Rework)

edited December 2019 in Play My Game
Believe me, I've already had them.

In this game similar to Five Nights at Freddy's, you must survive 9 hours (11 PM - 8 AM) with killer robots trying to enter your room. Here are the basics:
* When you feel unsafe, click the yellow button to lock all doors and vents.
* Turning on lock-down will drain your power, eventually turning the locks off.
* When you want to hear things, click the blue button to toggle the vents.
* Turning off the vents makes equipment in the office overheat if left off too long.
* Press the 1-5 number keys to use the camera, press 0 to turn it off.
* Each animatronic has unique behaviors but only one way to stop them all.

Let's take a look at your enemies:
* Roxy the Rhino
^ Most active at camera 2 (dining room)
^ Turn on locks when she moves through your window and leaves from the right
* Ralph the Rooster
^ Most active at camera 3 (vent)
^ Toggle vents off to hear his crawling, turn on locks if the crawling gets too loud
* Hamilton the Hippo
^ Most active at camera 4 (hallway)
^ Turn on locks when he is in front of the door
* Porky the Pig
^ Most active at camera 5 (corridor)
^ Turn on locks IMMEDIATELY after his footprints appear
* B-O-R-I-S
^ Most active at camera 1 (stage)
^ Only appears from a secret

Got all that? Now try out the game here and see if you are brave enough to handle the scares!
(this is not the full version of the game, the game will be updated from time to time)
Game is currently shut down temporarily due to major issue. Luckily the game is getting reworks, so don't worry.


  • As a guy who is obsessed with all things horror, this didn't really make me jump. (However it said for ages 10+, and I am over that limit though, sooooooo) I can see this to be a good game for the young ones who want to experience and master the elements of horror.

    I have only met the rooster, and his jumpscare is really creative. Honestly I expecting it to come out of the door, but guess that wasn't a case.

    Overall, this game has good potential. Let me know if you finish! :)

    P.S. Hmm, nightmares eh? I would like for my nightmares to meet yours. Pretty sure the scary things in your nightmares will get nightmares from my nightmares. ( lol I said nightmare to much. Hope you follow that XD.)
  • edited November 2019
    @ShadowAxeKid I sort of followed that. XD
    The age limit is kinda misleading - You are supposed to be OVER the age of 10 to play - so younger ones are not advised to play (they still can if they are brave enough), even if the jumpscares are not intense. One of my friends, who is also a horror game enthusiast, pointed out that my wording sounded like young children could play the game. Although, you are right - younger players can still play so that they could get used to horror elements.
    As Porky's Nightmare gets more sequels in the future, horror elements will become more and more intense, but will not contain blood or gore nonetheless.

    Also Porky's Nightmare is nearing completion... somewhat.
  • Sorry, Porky's Nightmare has been shut down for a little while. See why here.
  • Porky's Nightmare is getting a rework, fixing all of the bugs and glitches that I have found in the game. I am excited to get the game to full working condition soon.

    Why is the game getting reworked?
    Around November 8th, 2019, Porky's Nightmare experienced a bug that completely corrupted the jumpscare and effects interface, stealing all of the eeriness from the game. But thanks to @grazer I now know why this happened and am currently taking steps to fix all of the problems.

    The game isn't that scary...
    Yeah, I know, but the game is still W.I.P, so everything is subject to change.

    What's next for Porky's Nightmare after it's completion?
    After Porky's Nightmare reaches its completion, it will be available to the Flowlab community until I can get the courage to export it as a desktop app. (And no, Porky's Nightmare will not get a mobile version) After that, multiple sequels for the story will be established as the story progresses.
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