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  • edited February 11
    Alright @meburningslime , let's get down to business as usual. Been a while (again) since I've gotten to do this, but here I go. Here's what I had thought:

    1) Nice space shooter game (Called Galaxy Treck... Star Treck lol?), and has a pretty decent menu! My only complaint, is that in the story menu, I didn't know how to get out. Turns out it was that orange box in the corner. Maybe make a big X on it or something?
    2) Really enjoyed your idea of how to display controls! It's genius! If you want it up, just keep clicking it!
    3) Playing the game, immediately your blasted with a nice, retro blast. The sounds in the game are great, but maybe add in some flight sounds too, but make sure to not make them too loud.
    4) I actually enjoy the simplistic style of the game. It isn't to extravagant, or eye catching, but certainly get the job done. It fits very well in the style of the game.
    5) The animation for that... Thing? I don't know what it was, is pretty decent! I.. Didn't just spend a minute or two just looking at it... No, I didn't, I swear :lol:
    6) There is some enemy variation, which I suggest to have more, but also maybe have enemies with variations of attacks, too? Maybe different attack tactics as well? Such as one has a shield, another heals other enemies, etc.
    7) Love the detail with getting too close to the suns, adds in more factors which makes it more interesting! Also, the solid objects obstructing your pathway makes it an extra challenge! Nice work!
    8) Possibly an animation for the bullets, suns, and fire trails for the ships? Also, maybe stars, also with animations?
    9) I really like shooting the meteors around, but maybe make them explode into smaller meteors instead, and letting them projectile themselves everywhere? Maybe possibly able to do damage to you and enemies?
    10) Speaking of exploding, would highly suggest damage/damaging animations, along with an explosion animation for when or an enemy dies. It'd look cool :)

    I honestly enjoyed the game rather well, which I don't know why it surprised me as you make pretty decent games. This one I'd like to see more development put into it, it was exciting, fun, had decent obstacles, just needs more stuff in it, visually and playability wise.

    I'd rate this a 7/10, one of the better games you made! Honestly, keep working on it! Really fun to play! I think if you take those opinions into account and execute them, you've got a golden game on your hands! I really enjoyed the retro feel of it, and the variation of weapons you can obtain (maybe more of those, too), just needs a bit more too it! Good luck! Excited to see what you do with it!
  • this game is in early alpha stage and I have not been working on it at all because of major setbacks but ... here you go
  • Thanks for submitting @seamothmaster45 ! I will try to get in the review after work!
  • edited February 11
    So @seamothmaster45 , I'm trying to get this in as soon as possible, got home at 9:30, typing this at 9:55, and it's gonna take a bit until this is typed out an released, also depending on time zones. So, here's what I thought:

    1) Really like the menu! The two colors are perfect with one another! However, since this does look like a screen, I suggest adding something like a flicker here and there (not so much, though) so it feels like you are looking into a monitor. Just a suggestion.
    2) One thing that I noticed for the menu, try using a single font, two at max, and let them fit the type of game it is. I like the font you used for the "Demo" UI, and I think it is the best of the choices for it. My second would be the font for the title, but only use that for the "seamothmaster45 presents" part.
    3) The music is kind of uneasy, and makes you curious of the game. Nice touch!
    4) Right off the bat (I know it isn't finished, but this is a review), try using original sprite work, it makes it feel more original. Second, try making the area feel realistic. The ground is just floating in the opening level. Add a base.
    5) Some scenery pieces will help out your scenes. You've almost got the idea for the city, but you need some more background in it, for both. Adding in some slow moving, wispy clouds in the city, and possibly making it's atmosphere a brownish-yellow, since this is an apocalypse.
    6) Story! You really should put in a story for this, as there is no explanation as of why and what I am doing. What happened? What caused this? Who am I? Why/What am I fighting for? Who/What am I fighting? That, and add in character development. Make the character doubt, wonder, change, be afraid, get traumatized, etc. So much you could do.
    7) The other art pieces are okay in my opinion. I like the buildings in the background, but everything could be upgraded more, even for the animations.
    8) Give in-game instructions/tutorial. Nothing against just going down into the description of the game, but it'd be tons more helpful for it to pop up in screen.
    9) As of gameplay, like the gun, but needs limitations and benefits. Such as running out of ammo, and ways to pick up more. Also suggest giving the character more health and hits. Now, for the punch attack... What is it even for? It hasn't worked for me at all, and I just die (which goes back to giving the player more health, as then we can keep punching).
    10) The landscapes could use more obstacles, or hills, or buildings, or something else for us to interact with. Just needs more.

    Anyways, I liked the concept, and it can get better since you seem to have not worked on it too much. Just highly suggest adding more to it, make the player feel the game and understand it (maybe also a control menu, or settings). It was fun to play for a bit, but I soon realized it was lacking. Maybe add in a city full of NPCs and dialogue and missions? Maybe an intro? A story arc? Needs more.

    I'll give this a 5.5/10, as for now. It is still in production, but it's very difficult to review a game in its early stages since there isn't much content in it, as I've stated. I suggest taking these things into consideration, as I think it will boost your game up. Also, try making some eye catching sprites and animations, those ALWAYS help out in the long run. Anyways, would like to see this one again! I like seeing the development of games, so come back anytime further into development and I'll give you an updated review and score! Good luck!
  • Reached 5K Views!!!

    Just thought it'd be worth mentioning.

    Anyways, I'd like to continue on the forum, hopefully the review can stay up and running. The Parva Quinque Game Contest is still going on. This weeks contestants so far are @meburningslime and @seamothmaster45 's games, so if you want a shot at this week, and possibly the whole contest, then send in your game!

    Now, as a disclaimer, this is NOT a FlowJam like the one hosted, and this was started a while ago, and I didn't finish it. It does NOT have any prizes except bragging rights and a mention with a comment and with permanently be in the description of the review. Good luck!
  • Hey @rcreger thanks! I only had 10 days to make this game. I will be working on it. Also, are you talking about my space station? Lol. Three features you missed were:
    Space stations shoot at enemies.
    There are coordinates for enemy bases and things like that.
    I know everyone likes the meteors. Shoot one into the sun and see whst happens... hehehe
  • I feel unworthy I just started like 2 days ago...
  • woah I didn't realise you came back along with this discussion :smiley: Glad your back!
  • thank you so much for the review! I'll start adding things to it but for what I am doing I make the game itself first then I am adding in the story... if @browngr ever gets back to me. the punch is not for anything it is just showing that you have no gun. I know it doesn't have much but like I said it IS a demo
  • Thanks for getting back to me @meburningslime , and woah, I did miss a decent bit of some immersive parts of your game! Got to say these were pretty creative! Especially the space station idea - that makes the game more genius! Nice work with it, and good luck!

    Thank you so much @ShadowAxeKid , I'm glad to! I'm going to try to keep the reviews rolling as long games keep rolling in as well. Maybe I'll be able to review yours! Anyways, thank you for the welcome!

    No problem @seamothmaster45 , and I do understand the game is still WAY under development, which is why it's very hard to rate. Don't take the rating to an unfinished game to heart, as if you were to submit it updated with new features, it will obviously go up (remember re-reviews are smaller than normal ones). Also, I don't think punching is the best way to go about showing you are out of ammo, as then it shouldn't need another control. I'd suggest if you run out of ammo, then the gun goes down, allowing you to punch. However, I suggest having more health and the punching doing some damage, adding damage bars above enemies. But anyways, don't worry about the rating too much right now, as the development stage IS the part of development and getting better. So, good luck with the game! Hopefully I'll see you here again!
  • Welcome back @rcreger,
    If you want, you can review the game I made for the flowjam.

    It's called NYCTOPHOBIA:
  • @rcreger thanks! Any aspects I could add?
  • edited February 13
    Thank you for the submission @JR 01 ! I will try to get to the review hopefully tomorrow if I am not busy, as I really liked NYCTOPHOBIA! One of my top games on FlowLab! Until then, good luck with any further development of the game!
  • Hmm... You've got a decent bit in your game @meburningslime ... I think I suggest more weapons. Possibly health packs, and allowing you ammo to decrease, and things to pick up to get your ammo back up. Updating graphics, maybe a story? Might not be the type of game for a story. More set pieces, variety of enemies, variety of conditions/levels, bosses, there's a lot of things you can do.

    If you choose making a boss, I highly suggest making it so that you have a level up system so you have to be a certain level to get to the boss. Other than that, I don't think I have much more ideas! After updating the game, I might have more, and you can resubmit! But, until then, good luck!
  • I wrote a story. Go to the story page and wait for all of it to appear lol
    Also I thought that maybe once I make the Boss and you kill it, it does a 10 years later screen then you can explore the galaxy without enemies. What do u think?
    I did plan to make a boss at level 6. My goal is to make it a slowly moving star destroyer thing or a super space station.
    Do you think I should add a skirmishing enemy? I mean, where the enemy swoops in, shoots, then flees for 3 seconds?
  • :) glad your trying to keep it going! I'm already making a game that I may make a demo of for you to play!
  • edited February 13
    Before I reply to any comments, I'm going to review @JR 01 's amazing game NYCTOPHOBIA! I've got a lot to say about this one, so here is what I had thought:

    1) Firstly, what hits me hard the very first moment I get on is the beautifully made sprites, which I believe you mention to be made by Baron Wasteland, which I've had experience with. He makes amazing sprite work!
    2) Nice menu design, like the vignette around the screen showing the darkness lumbering over the character. Just have to say, all the sprites and animations are just perfect. Also like how you added a credits scene - and using the scrolling form. I never figured out how to do it like that!
    3) These loading screens are so good and useful! Though it might not actually be loading, they're an excellent way to tell the player what and how they're doing.
    4) The font's and colors, and the way how you made the story come about is so great! I really like the word bubbles with the red, designed font! It looks really nice! And so far, very well worded story!
    5) Also, amazing work with the each letter appearing after another... Also couldn't figure that one out. But what do I expect from a FlowLab genius?
    6) Really like the use of light in the game, and how it is like a safe haven from threats! Maybe adding more health to the player, so possibly the light is a way of regenerating it? However, the way it is still a very great demonstration for the FlowJam being the topic it is.
    7) Really like how you added a sprint to the mechanics! Is there a attack later in the game? I wasn't able to play too far, but I'd think it'd be interesting of what the combat would be like.
    8) Is it just me, or can you not move while in the air? Maybe some air controls will give an extra nice feeling to play this, as it would seem fitting in this game.
    9) The enemies so far have really good designs (actually, everything does), and fit the atmosphere and the darkness of the game! It's like the bio-luminescent creatures you'd find in caves!
    10) Maybe some enemies with different fighting styles? Honestly wasn't able to get too far into the game due to time, however looking at the objects I do see a variety of different enemies, so I do assume there are different tactics the enemies have.

    From all that I played, I can just say, woah, that was amazing! Very enjoyable to play, to look at, to listen too (didn't really mention the music, but that's good too), it's all well orchestrated and planned out! Also the puzzles further in the game did get a little tricky! I'll be looking into this again so that I can finish the story, but thank you for making this masterpiece of a game!

    I'll give this game a 9/10 right off the bat for this game - you made this just for a FlowJam?? This game was really good, and adding some of the other things... 10/10 will be in you future. As it is, 9/10s are still hard to get from me, so this is a REALLY good game! Please continue to work on it, as I'd like to see what further updates are to come! Good luck!

    P.S., this game is now up for the Parva Quinque Game of the Week, and a possible contestant for the Game of the Month! Good luck!
  • @meburningslime , yeah, I saw that story - it what I said that there should be an X on the exit button lol but I mean a linear story that goes along with the game.
    The ten years idea would be great, if this is a open-world with interesting locations and side quests. If you do that, then yes, highly suggest, and it will receive much praise being an open world. But that requires lots of characters, new location designs, levels, puzzles, dialogue, story, etc. So it'll be an extra challenge, especially trying to make each thing unique. So, just lessen on the enemies, don't completely delete all of them.
    That sounds good, for the boss, however I suggest making it original. Also explain why it's there (more story elements) and who you're against. Also, possibly add in some other mini-bosses.
    That enemy design will be start, but more is the better, but make sure not to overwhelm the player with a vast variety. But, that will be a great start for new enemies!

    I wish you luck with this game, and I'd like to see what you'll do with it!
  • Whenever you're ready @ShadowAxeKid , I should be here! Good luck!
  • Almost 1K Comments!

    If my information is correct, this will be the most commented thread on FlowLab, and getting closer to most viewed! Very happy to have been able to give out reviews (taking a small break) over this past year, also making games along with you guys, it was fun!

    So keep the games rolling in, and I'll happily review, give a score/rating, suggestions, and constructive criticism! Good luck!

    REMEMBER! The Parva Quinque GOTW/GOTM is still going! For a chance to win the title, you need to submit your game to be reviewed by me first!
  • @rcreger thanks, and I am making a good start with all pf that, I want to make the game randomly generate those things. That's what I did for world generation.
  • @rcreger This is a game I've been working on for a bit, yes it's just a demo, but I feel like its playable and i just want a little critique. Thanks!
  • Hey could you Maybe whack together a chart where you review official, non-flowlab games, so we can see how we do in comparison? Thx
  • Thanks for submitting @praisetheyuppee , I'll try to get to the review as soon as possible!

    Good luck @meburningslime with all of the work! Also, I'm not completely sure what you mean in the second comment, can you please clarify so I can perform satisfactory?
  • @rcreger Can i get a re-review on Bounce Jam? The games been given a BOATLOAD of updates since the last time you've seen it and i want to know what you think of it now! Thanks in advance!
  • PS: I also highly suggest looking at the changelog first to get a general idea on how long this games been worked on!
  • Game of the Week Parva Quinque: Week Three

    Before I start getting into the next reviews, I'd like to announce this weeks Parva Quinque winner - @JR 01 's NYCTOPHOBIA! It was such a brilliant game contesting in the FlowJam this year, honestly surprised it didn't win it! It fit the requirements well, using dark and light in it's topic. Nyctophobia: n. extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness. Fits well!

    The game not only used the concept of light and dark very well, but it's visuals, animations, mechanics, gameplay and story all felt refreshing and enjoyable! It is a must-play on FlowLab if you haven't already!


    So, why not drop a like on it (it wouldn't be too much of a bother, would it?), and if you have, why not play it again (it IS a great game, you know)? If you have any questions on the game, just @ the developer, and I'm sure they'd appreciate any suggestions, bug fixes, and ideas you have. Anyways, this is Week Three, Week Four starts right after this! So, good luck everything, and have a great day!
  • edited February 16
    Alright, the first game that is now in Week Four of Parva Quinque is going to be @praisetheyuppee 's game, Boomer-rang Demo! Here is what I had thought:

    1) First off, really like the unique rusty, brown style of the sprites in it! Really like how you were consistent with the color scheme and how the character stands out. Nice work so far!
    2) Suggestion, maybe a title screen would make this feel more official and professional.
    3) The key sprite could be redone to look neater, and possibly could look rustier than it is. Also, wow, really like the tree and grass sprites as well! They all fit so good! Did you make these?
    4) Oh yes, really like that animation for the walking is so great! So far, so good!
    5) When touching the key, I feel that the key sprite should disappear as well - just something to make it feel more cleaner.
    6) Really like how you showed the controls in-game... But I couldn't really tell what it was. Try using smaller pixels to make more defined letters for the player to see.
    7) Like the use of the boomer-rang, however, I suggest letting it rotate while in air to make it feel like it's spinning as you throw it. Maybe also more animations, such as for jumping and throwing.
    8) Can see you used the stylish jump-through-platform programming. Really neat - I remember when @Biscuit Butter did that, he was a large inspiration for my games.
    9) Really like the character design, for the player, and the enemies. Even the animations. Though I'd like more animations for both, which you've got get creative with that. Maybe an idle animation, with blinking, a damage animation, and possibly if you get less and less health, you look more damaged. All suggestions, but I think it'd make this game even more interesting.
    10) Two things: First, try adding some thematic music (I suggest looking at @Eric_Matyas ' page, he has lots of music), and second, try adding a story. I know this is in early production, so you've got time to add an interesting one in. Also, why Boomer-rang? Is this a joke game, or serious? I'm not sure.

    This game passed my expectations - it had some flashy sprites, but I wasn't expecting so much detail as this. Highly suggest you taking some of my advice, as I feel it will help the game in the long run. Anyways, beautiful start for a game, very pretty and eye catching. Needs clarity in the word sprites, and some more animations and minor details. And minor details are important, as they help immerse the player into the game.

    I'll rate this fantastic beginning of the game a 7/10 so far, and judging where you are in the game development, that is extremely good! If you take in some of the suggestions and continue working on it and take in feedback into account, this will be an easy 9/10 game! Good luck!
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