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The camera just stopped working today

In a game of mine I had the camera work like it does in Grazer's smooth camera example but today for some reason it just stopped following the player. It's not just me either, when I went back to the smooth camera example that doesn't work either. Is it just my computer own is it something else?


  • Probably needs to reset the extractors to the player, could you leave a link to the game
  • Also I did try resetting the extractors and it didn't work
  • Wierd, the extractor isnt taking the X of the player. But this would probably happen in other levels anyway, cause the player object in a different level isnt actually the same object.

    What you could do is Extract the X in the player and message it to the Camera object.
  • Yeah that didn't work either, this is very weird. Thanks for your help anyway.
  • Messaging the camera seems to help, for me at least;

  • Yes! It worked! Thank you!
  • edited March 20
    There was a bug that was doing but its fixed now.
    So if you used extract other x, it will work again.
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