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How can I make an enemy shoot?



  • Check out my games like Ship Survival or Terraria for some examples. If you want anything specific, ex. a reload system, shotgun ammo, weapon swaping... I will make or lead you to an example.
  • @jr01 I did my bat so that it is affected by gravity, movable, and I did the same thing in behaviors as the enemy monster has. It just didn't work, can you plz help me for making a bat that will shoot out a bomb (I made the object it's called "bomb") that goes down to the enemy and shoots him
  • @Tim01, the angle needs to be 270 and you need to click "Angle is independent" box in the emit block.

  • @jr01, I'm trying to make the bone that the player shoots, be activated only when I buy it. I made the level in the game, Can you show me how I can make that bone that can be bought, and activated only when I buy it?
  • Well to make a shop that can let you do that, you need to understand on how to use Save Behaviors.
    I have an example on how to make a shop, but here's an old discussion for more on it.

    Example Shop:
  • @JR 01 , how can I make a spike that disappears every 3 seconds, and then reappears for another 3 seconds. And that cycle repeats. So that when the spike is no there, I can run through it, but when it appears, and I collide with it, then it takes a life away.
  • edited March 26
    timer 3 seconds repeat forever connect to enabled off another timer with seconds same thing but connected to on
    make animation with nothing in it connect to first timer second timer connect to stop on the animation make it loop
  • can you show in a picture? I kind of don't get it
  • edited March 26
    Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 4.11.06 PM
    the bottom timer is 3 seconds loop
    top is 6 seconds loop
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