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Downloading edited Sprites not correct/updated by Flowlab: Blah Blob Bob

Hi All,
I had some recent inspiration for an old idea I had started (and abandoned) and I downloaded my original sprite "blue" from Flowlab to import it into Piskel. That went as expected and I made my edits and uploaded my new frames to Flowlab. No problem.

THEN, i made some edits in Flowlab to my newly imported sprites, and wanted to download them from Flowlab AGAIN to bring them BACK into Piskel to copy and paste the new-new edits into my piskel sprites. BUT, Flowlab is still and only downloading the OLD version of the spites. (darker blue and fewer frames).

I've closed, refreshed, reloaded, and restarted, but Flowlab still pulls the old sprite sheet instead of the updated ones. @grazer this seems like a bug.

Anyone else have experience importing and exporting from Flowlab? Any ideas on how to get Flowlab to refresh its recognition of the newly edited sprites? They aren't complicated sprites, but if I can avoid redrawing it, all the better.


  • It should show the new sprites after reloading the game.
    Have you tried using a new window, restarting your web browser, or trying another web browser?
  • @JR 01 yeah. All of the above and all the usual. I’ll try again tomorrow in case it was just my internet being glitchy. I was just trying to test something quick and hit this roadblock and thought it was weird. I’ll let you know if it persists. Thanks!
  • @todorrobot, if the current sprite is the updated one, I'll send it here.
    If its still the old one, maybe it didnt fully upload.
    If your still having this issue later, then it would be best to email Grazer.

    Here's what I see:
  • @JR 01 that is the correct sprite. My computer must be acting dumb. Thanks for checking.
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