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Drumstep concept (WIP)

edited August 2014 in Art & Sound
I got bored for an hour and somehow managed to put this together.
My games aren't loading now, so I decided to open FL Studio.
It's nothing good, but I figure if people give me feedback, and stuff,
it may make me want to work more on it, or not, idk.

Pop in earphones, and tell me what you think.


  • That's cool. Sounds like a Metroid/Legend of Zelda song.
  • I can see how it sounds like a Metroid song.
  • I need to get FL studio and learn how to use it
  • Hey Mhx, this is great - does it loop?
  • edited June 2016
    I actually made this 2 years ago, if you check the post date. My Soundcloud has a few other songs on it as well, some recent ones, some really good concepts, and a couple old things I uploaded. It doesn't loop, since it was a concept, and I pretty much never finish anything.

    If you want to hear some actual Metroid concept music, here's two that I never finished.

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