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Help For Project

I am starting A major project... :D
I need 3 people to assist me

- Graphic Designer

- Level Designer

- Programming Assistant

Please Use the form below and add a comment if you want to help



Way to Contact>

Have worked in group project before?


I myself am using Discord to talk to people so If you can please use this

Thanks :P


  • what is the story/subject/plot. What is the size of levels and contract.
  • Story Is a spaceman who was pulled into a Wormhole, and time-travelled to Medieval England. He then is granted the ability to understand their language, after saving a wizard from a Basilisk
  • What you gotta do in the game tho, like how u play
  • I assume it is an rpg
  • MywMyw
    edited June 2016
    How will we both (or more lol) work on it if I accept?
  • Grazer has mentioned a collaboration feature a few times, but he asked about clashing behaviors, I say we need a real-time collab feature complete with a chat to communicate.

  • I agree, the only way I see is working on different objects and levels while on conference call or something right now
  • That's why I use Discord...
    That way we can work on stuff at different times...
  • Though Textures can be worked on outside of Flowlab...
  • So have I got you three working with me?

  • edited June 2016
    Im not exactly sure yet. Depends on what i have to do,

    Im good with:

    -sounds and music (i can compose music, not all that good though)
    -gameplay mechanics
    -animation (sorta)
    -a few other things
  • Well, we can start with Graphics if you don't mind.

    Just need Medieval building Textures... and some simple grass + decor so far
  • Ok. I'll see what I can do, I may not be able to do it right now though
  • I have my own project I gotta do
  • Thanks. Just leave any links on my profile.

    Whats your flowlab Profile url?
  • I might be able to work on level design, but I am also working on a big project and I'm not sure if I will be able to do this. I will try to free up some time for a project like this, it seems fun!
  • I think I can work with you! Would it be possible to exchange phone numbers or email though for communication?
    I will send info to your profile
  • I'm still considering it
  • I may join, Is it on FLowlab or?
  • m...kay ill join!!!
    Graphic Designer
    I have but its been a while
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