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Deleted game still working?!

edited August 2016 in General
I deleted 2, but I still have the link of it and I can play and/or edit it whenever I like. Anyone know why?


  • It will go away soon after. But @grazer can undo that if you change your mind, but you may be already out of time
  • I must admit I regret deleting it, because I spent a lot of time on those power-ups :(
    I still need space, though.
  • The games use what is called a "soft delete". That means they don't get deleted right away, they just no longer show on the site, and give you some more space to create additional games. This way the games can be recovered if they get deleted accidentally.

    However, when the server needs more space, it will really delete those games, so although there isn't a time limit they will go away eventually.
  • Ok. Thanks :)
  • Go AWAY!?!?!!? All my games :scream:

  • My friend maniacalvareez07 deleted my game please ban him!!!!!! and how to i get my game back
  • Gosh this thread is 2 years old. This is what I call extreme gravedigging. You should have created a new topic.

    I guess @grazer can restore your games. So just wait for him to respond here.

    Also, how is your friend even able to remove your games. If you gave him your password, it's your own fault because you are responsible for your account. I'm sure your friend isn't able to hack too. I can see you're pretty young and I expect your friend is too. Hacking is not that easy.

    Crazy enough this thread reminds me from my old games. You are savage @grazer! You deleted all my memories! You removed that soft delete feature. I wish I could see all my old games again. :cry:
  • @latif soft delete still exists. But it’s permanent once the server recycles the page it’s on for room for another game.
  • Hey @Galaxypanda - I can undelete your game, which one are you talking about?

    | id | name | deleted |
    | 898334 | Mr memes adventure | 1 |
    | 902309 | Trolling game | 1 |
    | 906046 | MY GAME IS FUUN | 1 |
  • @grazer is any of my previously deleted games able to be undeleted?
  • @TheGameDemon - I don't see any deleted games under your account, sorry.
  • Hello @grazer,
    can you please undelete my friends two games, he deleted them by accident. Both were called "New Game", so he deleted the wrong one... Then he deleted the second one. He deleted them today... His account name is "Shamil97". So can you please undelete BOTH of them? We would be very thankful!
    Best regards! Keep up the good work!
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