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A 2-player game inspired by Super smash bros...

I just wanted to know how to make a character jump up to two times (not infinitely) in midair, not just on ground. Here's the link: I just started it, so don't expect much from it.
P1 controls: arrow keys, space to shoot fireball
P2 controls: WAD, Q to shoot fireball


  • Also, P1: N to shoot bouncer attack, M to spawn crates
    P2: E to shoot bouncer attack, R to spawn crates

    No items yet, except for the Jump upgrades.
  • Guess you based it off of vs a bit too
  • You mean your VS game?
    I actually intended it to be for super smash bros, it's just a similar game type :confused:
    but if you want me to delete some parts that I mixed up with your game, just let me know :)
  • Its okay! Its actually one of my goals to inspire other creators, thats how i know my work is good! :smile:
  • I want my player to emit a laser-like object called "P1 final", but it wouldn't appear. Can anybody help with this?
  • Update: SMASH BALL to unleash final smash when caught (well, it's supposed to but isn't)
    A % bar, over 50%= death
    Food to provide health
    Icy mountain sudden death: a laser beam that starts at the top and slowly goes down.
  • I need opinions!! I want to either make:
    -Master Hand, like the normal Super Smash Bros OR
    -Flowlab members as Master Core, if you give me permission to make you a boss...
    Or any other ideas that are helpful. Thanks, and have a wonderful day (or not).
  • *tries not to laugh* my character from vs
  • Ok. Working on it right now
  • Ummm... I figured u would use the 3rd installment of Vs.
  • And i need to rename him to "Sam"
  • edited August 2016
    This is the game in case you want to play it or use any aspects of it. Feel free to use ANYTHING

    click me
  • @Jngthree I never knew you had that game!!
  • I need my character to unleash a Final Smash when he gets the Smash ball, but having some trouble...
  • I have something in my game called the super cube. Take a look!
  • edited August 2016
    You mean your "final"? I like it :smiley: it acts like the smash ball in ssb.

    But I need help ASAP, right now... I need my P1 to emit something called P1 final when he manages to catch the smash ball and presses B. The damage bar shows, but the laser remains invisible. (Link on the top)
  • P.S. I really like your game!
  • Thanks. Im thinking of some characters to add to it. Any ideas?
  • Theres always two guest stars in my games
  • Maybe someone that emits shock waves? Or maybe an ice beam, someone who uses a wand, someone who's faster and jumps higher but has no attack... those are just some rough ideas :)

    but can you take a look at my game? I need help fixing the laser P1's supposed to emit when he catches the smash ball and presses B. The laser doesn't show on the screen :confused:
  • Try making the character hold a gun or something so it makes sense. That way its like you shooting something really quick
  • edited August 2016
    When P1 catches the smash ball and you press B, does the laser-like object "Final Smash" show up? In my computer, it's invisible, meaning I can't see it at all.
  • Huh idk what object is being emitted?
  • IK! The "final smash" is so large that usually more than half of it is off screen so the game doesn't display it , try toning the size down a bit. and make the laser move away from P1. So it has the same effect
  • Thanks @jngthree it works now! :smiley:
  • P2 can now use final smash also.

    More animations added!
  • You should retexture sam into his Vs. 3 character
  • And make him damage easier. I cant beat him... Jeez is my character from Vs. really that powerful!?!
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