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A 2-player game inspired by Super smash bros...



  • edited September 2016
    Double jump is easy. Click on the bundle for run and jump. Change the collision to bottom only. Connect it to a number 0. Connect your jump button to (+) on a different number, and add a filter that has greater than 1. Connect that filter to the off switch. Connect the number 0 to set the number the jump is adding to.

    Now when you land, the switch turns on, but not from touching a wall or hitting your head. When you press jump twice or more, it shuts off, so you only get 2 jumps. It also resets the counter when you land. I'm not looking at the Flowlab bundle right now, but it should work. I believe letting go of the jump button turns off the switch. Remove that wire. You only want the filter to turn it off.

    Important, change the impulse to a velocity, or you won't double jump very high when falling. You probably have to make the number a negative.
  • Mhx, ever play contra? Thats the first 8-directional that comes to my mind when i hear it
  • edited September 2016
    today i hope to make p1s special attack animation. with the wifi not working right at home, the progress may be slowed dwn...
  • Of course I played Contra. I owned a NES. When I say Metroid, I mean Super Metroid style gameplay. Contra was definitely a run and shoot, like Metal Slug, but faster paced.
  • p1s attack: shock wave
    p1s direct attack: sword attack
    p1s special: dark sword- pulvarizes the ground nearby
    final smash: lightning blade- repeatedly slash opponents, then launch them.
  • edited September 2016
    Do they have a recover? (Up B )
  • hopefully. But having too many usual ssb functions would make too many buttons, because you can't press the up arrow key and M at the same time to trigger something.
  • edited September 2016
    Thanks @Mhx Aîr . Triple Jump was added! For now the game is in player movements/attacks/animation testing stage, so don't expect actual gameplay for now. It may be edge grab that's tricky...
  • Adding shield...
  • Basically is a transparent rainbow circle that changes colors
  • it doesnt change colors... but take a look!
    , to use shield
  • Sam looks good too, back to simplicity! Thats what i like
  • He's actually referred to p1, as I didn't copy Sam from your game. But if you do want him to be Sam, just let me know. Or you can send me a sprite of him, because p1 is a swordfighter-type and the Sam you wanted was a brawler-type.
  • edited September 2016
    You want a button combo, like Up and M?
    I made this tutorial. Jngthree tried it. It works. This method will allow you to make forced numbers for directions and buttons, so your characters don't glitch a bunch of different commands at the same time.
    This will allow you to make up to 8 ( A ) attacks, and 8 ( B ) attacks, and you can use a different button for jump, or still use up.
  • thanks. I'll try it out later :)
  • @jngthree how about this: first we have a simple P1 and P2. Sam is a special unlockable character, probably with some other ones, too. You can unlock him by beating Master Hand or something.
  • edited September 2016
    Okay, p2 was added. AWD to move, S for normal attack.
    Shield is somehow malfunctioning. When it detatches the timer doesn't stop. Also, a part of it is cut off in the animation. It used to work right and I don't see any errors with the sprite... what went wrong?
  • edited September 2016
    the shield is currently "out of order", so it's not used for now.
  • P2's emit is not working properly, move him around a bit, and he shoots BACKWARDS. (press S to shoot)
  • Is his forward direction correct?
  • Yeah. See it for yourself, I think I got it right...
  • What the... the wind object instantly disappeared after I went on forums. What the hell is happening?!
  • edited September 2016
    of course. I went through emit and everything. Then the emit and every other thing I went through to make was there, EXCEPT for the wind object itself. I remade it for now. It's still going backwards.
  • Did you check the wind objects forward?
  • the shield is still malfunctioning. I did not change any logic.
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