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A 2-player game inspired by Super smash bros...



  • I made those sprites trying to get the style of ssb, but i failed miserably
  • lol
    um... so do you want me to use them or the gunner in my game?
  • this thing's getting too filled... should start a new discussion
  • Actually i like it to the point where its going into vs 3
  • 7A968469-EAC3-4778-8486-298FC36AEBB0
    Here are some extra frames if you want the walk animation to look better
  • edited September 2016
    gonna put up a new discussion...
  • edited September 2016
    man, we're like coworkers now xD
  • If you are still trying to get launched smash attacks, here's a possibility. Let's say A is fireball and B is punch, like if you were Mario. Make a number on your characters. This is their Damage %. Naturally, fireball never kills anyone. It's a damage booster, that's it. Have it do a (+) to a number, and set a second number. The first number is your damage, the second number is your knockback. When you shoot a fireball, you would use collision. Think the same for melee attacks. Attach a hitbox, and give it alpha 0 or a punch flash animation, whatever you want. When you punch, it attaches a small punch, and collision with that object adds damage to the first number and goes in the second number. What you want is a collision left, collision right, collision above, and collision below. If you hit someone from the left, and their HP is 100, you want them to velocity 100 x and 100 y, I think. You may need to connect an equation for (A*B) where B is -1, so it reverses the number, for left, and up. I forget which way velocity uses for up. Anyway, you just need a bunch of collisions connected to numbers set by the damage counter, some changed by equations, and connected to velocity. I'm probably not explaining it well, but I'll eventually add the mechanic into my game, when I have some spare time.
  • edited September 2016
    Hmm. I've already tried making the N and E attacks increase the damage and R and M attacks increase more damage and launch. But If I have them on the same label, it only launches by how many times I managed to strike the R and M attacks and only those numbers, not really by the number on the label. I don't really understand everything, but it is hard to explain logic into words... I've actually only been here two months, so I'm not really used to complicated logic :(
  • @jngthree so if you're gonna use Fireball as the normal attack, he's basically an apprentice.
    What should be his smash attack?

  • Backfip kick? Idk
  • Just asking, but why not make your characters 64x64, instead of 32x64, so you have more room for movement? The initial hitbox will be centered like a 32x64, but anything past the hitbox in an animation won't count, allowing for effects, overlap, and wider attachments. It also allows you to be more creative with dynamic animation, like a charge punch.
  • Also, don't forget to have Master Hand reset his rotation, after pointing. It gets messed up, if he aims behind himself.
  • yeah, the animation... havent thought of that!
    i noticed the master hand bug, but i dont really know how to change into its normal rotation. if you have time, can you give me an example?
    and backflip kick... wonder how ill manage that...
  • Just make like a shockwave thing, that only travels for 2 pixels, and when a player touches it, a velocity launches them up
  • You use a point at, or a rotation for Master Hand? I'm not at a computer as of late. Either way, you should just need to add and connect a number 0 to set rotation after he shoots. If you changed his forward direction, maybe 90 is the number you need.
  • i use point at
  • edited September 2016
    Thanks @Mhx Aîr! (Instead of 90 degrees it's 180) :D
  • edited September 2016
    @jngthree the shock wave has a lot of range for a launch attack, so its knockback should be a bit decreased
  • Its supposed to only go two pixels
    Use a timer that makes it delete after .2 seconds
  • oh, two PIXELS
    how about 5? Two seems like a very hard shot
  • Oh and instead of 5 pixels each side using proximity would be better, using attacher
  • If you have time, can you make the animation? I don't think I'll manage :confused:
  • For now just draw a circle rolling in place
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