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  • AxolotlK
    Is it possible that I or someone could undelete a game? Here is the link to it.
    May 27
    • AxolotlK
      Please help I spent about a month on it!
    • AxolotlK
      Never mind
  • KA11086
    HI gazer i deleted one of my games by accident would you be able to bring it back it is called the multi game
    June 16
    • mtl144
      maybe make a forum post and ask this there? forum pages are read more.
  • Maged Maged
    Hi how can I include my game ads
    June 17
  • alexhay
    Grazer on SCP: worlds end there are a few glitches, i have posted the problems on the public stream, please could you sort them out, thank you :-)
    June 6
    Hi @grazer , is it possible to change my username to AC-X please? Thank you very much.
    June 5
  • Nath Marquez
    heyy how are you? could you please change my username to zeeko or something like that? I'd appreciate it a lot :c
    June 4
  • Battery
    Hey so I download my game and when I launch it the game instantly crashes every time, how do I fix this or is this a bug?
    The game:
    May 24
    • Battery
      This seems to apply to different games as well that I have downloaded recently.
  • Diamondkittyxl
    You need to add a mouseX and mouseY trigger and also add something that allows you to put something in the position of another thing so you can pick something up and throw it with your mouse.
    February 26
  • seamothmaster45
    @grazer you should also add a feature where if you go into settings you can load a previous version of your game then you can go back to compare if you want to keep the earlier version there is a button on settings that says save on it.
    February 16
  • seamothmaster45
    hey, grazer I was wondering if there is a possible way to load a previous version (save) of one of your games? My characters animation was accidentally deleted and I can't seem to get it back please help!
    February 6
  • WuflezKitty:3
    Hey @grazer can you make a way of making a checkpoint in the middle of your levels
    January 27
  • Stav
    Hi, Grazer. I have a suggestion. What if you create a flowlab app? This would be good as you can create wherever you are and also it makes it easier to test apps. Please reply!
    July 2018
    • StubbyWolf
      Dude thats really cool, i would have never thought of that.
    • browngr
      That's really smart! I never thought of that! Plus, it would boost popularity! I've always thought about how underrated flowlab is, so this would help boost it!
  • browngr
    Hello grazer, I was wondering if you could give me feedback on my game so far? This one is my masterpiece, so I don't want any flaws in my design, even in beta. I know there's not much to look at, but I really want to know what you think just of this. It may not seem like a lot, but this character is going through a whole entire story line, so we'll be seeing him a lot. Thanks if you can,
    October 2019
  • lopezgirl97
    hello grazer, i was wondering if you know how to get your character to another or next level????
    February 2019
  • the_mentos_dudes
    Hi grazer, i have a game and it cost in game money to buy powerups, when i buy it a switch is turned on and it is activated, however when i move between levels it doesnt save the fact i have the powerup so i made my character, keep between levels but when i go back and forth from the shop it duplicates, i hope you can help me
    April 2019
  • gwhite7871
    How do you make your character move like link in legend of zelda on the nes?
    March 2019
    • meburningslime
      Hey check out this:
  • jamesish
    Grazer seems to know a lot i have just started and i need help with my game. I need the charecter to move. Can someone help?
    October 2017
  • jacobie davis
    December 2017
  • Miguel Urtiz
    Hello Grazer, I had already finished a game called "The Rescue" and it's been complete ever since last year. I just wanted to show you what I've been working on with the power of Flowlab and wanted to see if you had any thoughts of it. If you will, would you mind spread the word about this game. Thank you Grazer.
    - Miguel Urtiz

    The Game:
    February 2016
    • jamesish
      this is amazing!!!!!
      the only problem is the jump sound effect.
  • jamesish
    almost forgot the link!
    October 2017
    • jamesish
      wrong link
  • olcayolcayolcay2
    @rachelp proximity, alert boom
    July 2017
  • GodFries.Nation
    Im trying to make this dark grey enemy chase me, plz help...
    April 2017
  • Luminous
    Also can you help me with something? I accidentally deleted a game called War Evolution. By any chance, can you bring it back? :confused:
    August 2016
    • Luminous
      Actually, never mind. I'm remaking it
  • Luminous
    Just a little suggestion, maybe it'd be great if you put a space in "games" to type up and search games you want to play. :)
    July 2016
  • ReeceUsesFlowlab
    Hey, grazer.
    Is there anyway I can create a desktop app for my game? I have the free edition of Flowlab. Just so you know.
    link to the game:
    or if i can't, would you be able to do it for me, and provide a download link? it would be really nice of you.
    Thanks. Have a Wonderful Day. :)
    July 2016
  • ulrik22
    hey grazer! can you please try to help me with my game? every time i press play, the screen goes white... could you take a look?
    April 2016
  • Sorenof
    Hey,do you have a release date for the saving feature?
    March 2016
  • gamelord Z
    hi grazer can you help help my charachters be able to throw granades that kill and explode. here is the link feel free to share and mess with it, mostly becaus your the most experienced maker here
    March 2016
  • Aidanherrera
    I was wondering if it's possible to make npc's that you can type stuff in and they will respond thanks.
    December 2015
  • rachelp
    hey there you seem to know whats going on around here. Can you explain to me or point me to the walk-through that shows how to have npc's talk/ send a message?
    October 2015

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