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  • (for the previous 2 posts) Remember, nothing is definite and the project may just fall through or move to a different engine. I may also never get the money to get a studio account and not be able to even begin team work. Once again, thanks for reading, and have a nice day.
    April 2017
  • continues from previous post. The player will learn about conspiracies and learn that the world is about to drastically change by a new powerful force. The game is my most ambitious yet, so that's why I need help. Lots of the features such as becoming a general may be scraped for the sake of time and sanity, but will always be considered. Anyway, here is how anyone can help with the project. I NEED animators and graphics designers. Sure I can do animation, but I suck at it (check Arcodes journey for this) and my sprites and graphics don't normally seem to look good. Sound and music is also something I will need, as I have no software or skill in its creation. I'm fine with coding, but help is always appreciated, and story is already for the most part planned out. Comment if you would like to help, and when this baby gets rolling, a discord server will be set up for the project. Thanks for reading, and if you have any of the previously mentioned needed skills, please consider.
    April 2017
  • Hey everyone, this may be made into a proper post once I have the money to go thru with the plan I am about to give, but til then, it will stay here. Anyway I want to begin work on a quite massive project with a working title of "BIONIA". The project will likely be a departure from using the creator for my bigger games, and I'm not even sure if the game itself will be developed on the site depending on how long it takes for a response from others. Anyway, I will need some help in this grand project and I will likely need help. To start on the pitch, Bionia will be a game following the events of a citizen of the Bionian Empire being drafted for a war against a neighboring country called Unionia. He is sent on a variety of missions, including battles on the fronts , in space, and on sea. The game will allow the player to climb the ranks , command armadas, and explore a solar system being conquered for its recourses. this ends part one, read next post for more
    April 2017
    January 2017
  • Myw changed his profile picture.
    October 2016
  • Myw changed his profile picture.
    September 2016
  • ReeceUsesFlowlab
    Thanks for the help!!! fixed my problem with the player! really appreciate it. :)
    July 2016
  • 4ProductionTeam
    MYW i have a logo for you!
    June 2016
    • Myw
      thanks, I am using it now!
  • gamelord Z
    refer to my discution thx for commeting
    March 2016
  • Harry_Nag
    Myw can you help me with shooting thingies
    February 2016
  • Myw joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    February 2015

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