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  • Hey @meburningslime - I'm not sure I understand your request. What do you mean by "Maybe a couple of program blocks for the animation would do"?
    in @Grazer help! Comment by grazer 5:55PM
  • The games list is regenerated a couple times a day, so the ranking can change through the day. I see it at the bottom of page 4 though, so it seems ok now
  • Which game are you talking about?
  • If input 1 is activated, and then input 2 is activated a second later, it will work as long as input 1 is still activated. If input 1 is activated, then input 2 is activated, but input 1 no longer is, then the output will not be activated. Does th…
  • This sounds like the issue is that the jump switch is getting turned on by contacting the wall. You can fix this by removing the switch, and instead of checking for a collision, use a RayCast check to see if the player is touching the ground before …
  • Hey @Johnny boy - I tested them, and they seem to be working OK. Do you have an example of it failing you could post? Keep in mind that the output will only activate while both inputs are activated during the same frame.
  • Would this work?: 1) Have a Once trigger that stores the Box object's current x and y position in a pair of Numbers when the game starts 2) Connect your spacebar Keyboard trgger to send the stored x and y values to a Position block
  • Hey @Biscuit Butter - change your player collider to use a "capsule" shape. Capsules have no friction on the top or sides.
  • @todorrobot - the Expression block is just intended for mathematical expressions, outlined in the behaviors handbook here: The string hack I posted above is due to the fact that the Expres…
  • I wonder if this would be a good compromise?: If you are not the owner of the game, then opening the editor will disable saving using a Save block. This way, someone "cheating" to gain points will not have their progress stored.
  • In order to make the inventory items always appear in the same place, you could put the inventory interface in the User Interface layer. This would mean that you'd need two versions of each object though: one for the inventory and one for the game, …
  • @Johnny boy - you can still play it if you know the url, but it won't show up in the games list so noone would know about it unless you have sent them the url. To save progress, use a Save block. If they get to level 2, store the value "2", if the…
  • Yes, although you may want to use an Expression to add an offset if you want to spawn somewhere other than directly on top of the current block.
  • Pretty interesting - this is a creative approach
  • Hey @Johnny boy - If you embed the game in a different website using the embed code, the editor will be disabled. You can also de-list the game from the Flowlab games list, so that it doesn't show up here. That way, people playing your game will no…
  • Open the properties of the block containing your timer, and set it to "Keep between levels" this way, the object will not be destroyed when switching levels. Just make sure you don't add it again to the second level.
  • You can use the Extractor block to get the current block's position, and then add an offset to that value to use for your spawn position.
  • If you need it in every direction, you'll probably need to use a Switch block, and turn it on with a Proximity trigger, and then off with a timer.
    in Alpha issue Comment by grazer January 13
  • I'm not sure I understand your intent, but looking at the Arrow Movement logic, it appears that you are setting the arrow's position. Try using the "+x" and "+y" position inputs to move relative to the current position. This will cause the arrow to…
  • Can you use a raycast for this? Just check the distance with a raycast, and if it's not close then set the alpha to 100.
    in Alpha issue Comment by grazer January 13
  • I'm not sure if I'm understanding you, but games like Terraria and Minecraft do not store the position of each block. They use a value to "seed" a (pseudo) random number generator. The PNRG will then return the same sequence of "random" values, and …
  • What do you mean by sandbox info?
  • Hey @Biscuit Butter - do you have a font in mind that you want to use? Post a link and I'll check it out - You're correct that they aren't too hard to add.
    in More Fonts? Comment by grazer January 12
  • Hey @todorrobot - there are a couple of ways to do this. One way would be to store the sequence in 4 different Number blocks, then compare the result using 4 different filters. Another way, that would use a lot less logic, would be to use a progra…
  • Hey @meburningslime - I'm sorry, this Vanilla Forum software kind of sucks. I'm not sure what the issue is, but maybe logging out and back in might fix it? If you can post here, and want me to help troubleshoot the problem, email me directly: graz…
  • @Johnny boy - you cannot send a message to an object in another level, since that level doesn't exist yet. When you change levels, everything in the current level gets destroyed, and then everything in the new level gets created. To carry informat…
  • Great game so far @JR 01 - it's starting to look and feel pretty polished. Because you asked for feedback: For me personally, I think the speed starts out a tiny bit too fast. I've played it lots of times, but I think for someone just seeing it …
  • I'm not seeing that - did you fix it already?
  • Hey, nice work. My only technical suggestion is maybe make the bow of your ship (ship pt1) use a polygon collider instead of a rectangle. As it is, Clyde kind of floats in the air when standing on the front of the ship. I would consider making the…

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