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JR 01

I have a pretty good knowledge of Flowlab. If your stuck on something or need some help, I may be able to assist. If you get the chance, try out my game DRIVE! It's a complete game and you may be able to find it in the app store! (soon, if not now) The game is made on Flowlab and you could find the link to it in my discussions!


JR 01
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  • sorry to hear, I hope you continue to try Flowlab if not come back to it later and try again. Many good games have been made from it such as The Graveyard, StarBlast 2, and a game I made myself that's now in the Google Play store Called Drive…
  • It sounds like you want to down grade from the small double gun to the 1 big gun... If so, It seems you could do something with the switch that goes onto 2 because it doesn't turn back on. Also its very inconsistent sense you have the shoot button…
  • Now I'm not understanding what your saying... I cant fallow the question to help with it. Power ups seem to work and I don't know how you want to do it. Whichever way, I don't see it being "too hard" for you if you made a power up bundles and syst…
  • I'm not sure if you can but I see how that could be a useful option. Another way to do this in a single object is to make a counter with saves. Something like this:
  • Ok, so for Bullet 2 to shoot towards the cursor, you need to click "Angle is dependent" in the emit. And for the E animation, again use loop: If you want to keep E only when the player is next to it, I would try to use Proximity. Here's the be…
  • If you can't follow the lines, I made an example game that you can copy and import to your game. Just make sure to change the collision and proximity when you do.
  • I think I found a soft turn with you set up but... its a bit long. Let me know if this wasn't what you were looking for.
  • yeah... so do you want to keep showing E after player leaves?? You can click "loop" in the animation block for that.
  • Just saying.. If you still want to try, I can help I if you say whats wrong with what object.
  • You can be safe if you want @Turtleshell, but you can use this specific song any way you want as long you have he song name and author somewhere in the game. That's actually how I use songs for streams and games.
    in Is this LEGAL Comment by JR 01 October 9
  • Found the music video and it states "anyone can use this song for whatever freely, please give credit" in the description, so giving credit in game should be fine.
    in Is this LEGAL Comment by JR 01 October 9
  • Yes its still illegal but I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you plan to export your game or show it in a video. Though even If you bought it, you still cant use it because of licensing. Its all about permission, unless they state for credits…
    in Is this LEGAL Comment by JR 01 October 9
  • Yes, using Once will trigger every time you spawn (to the spawned object). \|/ A once won't trigger again after use. They trigger when that Object now exist/spawned. They can spawn at any time you want, you just need to trigger it. Like if you want…
  • In animation ~ Inputs are simple start, stop and go to. Start: starts the animation Stop: stops that animation Go to: goes to a specific frame in the animation (does not require start or stop) You can make many different animations, what is picked…
  • @ElecTronIC0 there are several problems for what your asking; 1. The game link doesn't go to the game 2. Your not specific with whats wrong (level, object, details, bugs) 3. Careful what you say... while in the community
  • I think the sprite editor should be revamped before an idea like this. You currently cant move in sprite editor so zooming in on other than the center creates problems. It's easier to create parts anyway instead of 1 massive object anyway... What I…
  • @browngr reload ^ Also for clicking the ship could give control but I think giving control on a new expanded map (or new level) where the ship itself is small (and doesn't take over the entire screen) to explore space. Giving control of the ship i…
  • Its cutting off because of the center of the object is to the game screen size (32x15) You could attach a 1x1 object to the ship to center it, but I don't understand why you have control over a modeled ship... If not attach then extract the X and Y…
  • You could reduce the velocity of the player in the direction of the wind to "seem slower because of the wind".
    in Wind Effect? Comment by JR 01 October 5
  • I mentioned something similar to @grazer;
  • Speaking of which, going back to it now I just made some new platforms (Sky Blue and violet) that would work way better for any situation. I recommend trying it out now if something wasn't what you were looking for before;…
  • What level and what objects are this in? @The Kodex
  • That's basically filters for Flowlab
  • What's your Chromebook make and model, and is it up to date @PixelMonster? It seems this still happens on some Chromebooks @grazer. Also the sprite may take a minute to load but that's where you would get the tutorial sprites and other types of spr…
    in Guys help Comment by JR 01 October 2
  • Could you also leave a link to the game when asking for help. Although the game is on the front page, its much faster to click a link than to open flowlab in a new tab. well, one problem is that they are set in 1/10 of a second so 6 seconds is 60 a…
  • It works for me.. try other browsers like firefox and see if it still does this. If it still does this then let us know and @ grazer Also if your trying to use the tutorial sprites, you can go to browse in the bottom left corner of the sprite edi…
    in Guys help Comment by JR 01 October 1
  • Which tutorial is doing this?
    in Guys help Comment by JR 01 October 1
  • Here's a shop example that you collect coins to use the shop.
  • Oh that because you have no Emit force in the emit behavior. You could make the emit force 2 and angle 0 to move across the screen.

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