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Bored Reviews Game of the Week Championship is coming up soon (the week after Game of the Week: Week 10)! Get ready, this is gonna be rough!


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  • That's cool @Johnny boy !
    in Rise Comment by rcreger 9:57PM
  • Just saying @ToastMaster64 , it has nothing in relation in any lore piece of the game.
  • No, it is a thing I've done with my friends, and if you click the banners in King Valor's castle, it will give out the alert: "*weird voice* alright" I am sorry that you as a person cannot witness this *weird voice*, but that is the Easter Egg, s…
  • Sure @ToastMaster64 . If you can, feel free to post a screenshot of the small personal Easter Egg (none of you will understand it, but nonetheless). Thanks, and good luck!
  • It is a clickable item @ToastMaster64 , as of which, I will not clarify.
  • Just saying, PlayStation is great, too...
    in MAGMA GAME JAM Comment by rcreger 7:55PM
  • When you find it, @ToastMaster64 , it will pop up with an alert with an obviously different writing style, and has absolutely no relevance with the story.
  • Just making sure... Okay guys, start submitting in some games, my Bored Fellows!
  • You ca n actually just look up "MagmaDude100" and it should come up @lolpinkshep
    in MAGMA GAME JAM Comment by rcreger 7:39PM
  • Bored Game Jams! This week has been extended to THIS Sunday! So get ready, for this weeks theme is plat-former, so get your imaginations ready for the jam! To submit, or for more information, just go here:…
  • Bored Game Jams! Extended to next week, guys! Get the word around, because it will end THIS Sunday! The theme is plat-former, and will be the first jam! Just go here: T…
  • Sorry, guys, @lolpinkshep and @ToastMaster64 , if that was a bit harsh. But I hope you guys understand where I am coming from, as we will discuss the ratings afterwards. Thanks for understanding.
  • Bored Game Jams! Remember, this week has been extended to THIS Sunday! This weeks topic is plat-former, any plat-former you'd like! Just go here to find out more: Thank…
    in Bored Reviews Comment by rcreger 7:13PM
  • Good luck @Biscuit Butter !
  • Come on, guys ( @lolpinkshep , @ToastMaster64 ), once the ratings are done, I will be looking them over, seeing EACH of the Judges reasons of the score given. It is not just one judge decides all. Even before I decide, I will consult with all of you…
  • Well, this next Game of the Week should be very big, so I've made it at least three weeks long! So, if you have some games you'd like to submit, be sure to send them in! If I do not have enough games, or if someone has requested for and extension, I…
  • I finished the game with no problems.. It was very fun to play, by the way @ToastMaster64 .
  • You may use the same art, as you had just made it for this Game Jam, it would definitely fit into this extended week @todorrobot ! Good luck!
  • Looks nice @browngr , but the anatomy of the character is a bit off. I suggest looking for images of the human body for inspiration for art of the characters.
  • Congratulations @todorrobot !
  • ..Okay then. Anyways, I hope that brings in more people for you @ToastMaster64 . Good luck!
  • Also, just realized I'm on page 21! Amazing!
  • Wait... Are you serious @ToastMaster64 ?
  • 100th Comment! I know, most of them are mine, but just think about it: That's a pretty decent amount of updates, not counting any other comments. Also, some comments consisted as many as THREE updates with it! Clearly one of my bigger games compare…
  • You know what @ToastMaster64 .. I'm not going to use these (*) to cuss you out , but instead, help you as a fellow critic: LawkRD Game reviews! They need more business! These are one of the founding reviews! You can't just let it go! Go check it …
  • 600th Comment! Wow, you know the discussion is big when the comments are BIG! Thanks guys for sticking with me for so long (About three months..)! Have a wonderful, wonderful day!
  • I am more excited for Elder Scrolls 6! (Mainly because I can't play a good Bethesda game, but with more updated graphics other than Skyrim's outdated Creation Engine.. Please look good and not give me a headache! Please!)
  • Well, Bored Reviews is... I am bored so I made a review? @ToastMaster64 No, I am only joking I actually put a lot of though into the title "Bored Reviews". The word "Bored" means nothing to do, so it gives the other users the thought of me having…
  • Well @ToastMaster64 , those words do nothing except take up room in my discussion. That is all I think about talk like that (I know you're joking, but that is what I think).
  • Finally someone decided to think about @ToastMaster64 No one seemed to realize it existed, so if you find anything you'd like to do, just name the name of the game, state I gave permission, and place the name of the developer. Remember, politeness.

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