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  • You can use switches for that
  • Oh, playing in embed makes the game lag a lot less! Thanks It's harder to edit something after every play test though
  • And does this level lag to anyone else? My laptop always glitches out on these parts: -When walking/running, the hallway animation needs to be smooth, and it should be going up and down a little. -When a jumpscare activates, you should immediately…
  • It's not much of a big deal, just summer stress got me :P After three nights of standard gameplay, I've decided to recreate the old version of FNAF: Flowlab, but with better graphics, animations and mechanics! This new mode will consist of sneaki…
  • Upvoted :P
  • Geez... I must be getting stressed out, I've been getting unpleasant in the forums lately
  • Thank you for your rating PixelStudios, it's greatly appreciated! Also we've been trying to fix 23gz's behavior for about a month or so but made almost 0 progress. Shows that you just can't teach some kids
  • *Wifi lag double-comment
  • Yeah... tbh, this basically contains everything you'd want in Indie and takes out a few things many people won't need in half the price.
  • There's another new weekly update! 1. The door slamming sound was optimized. 2. Night 3 Fox/Bloodbear jumpscare was made scarier, along with his jumpscare sound. 3. You will now get static after you die, which abruptly cuts off the ambience and wil…
  • Hey, a word of advice: Don't tell people not to lie when you're the one lying more than anyone else. When someone points out your fault, being defiant makes things worse. Accepting it and not making the same mistake again makes forum members like yo…
  • I think this should be the next featured game, if not Starblast 3. The mechanics are awesome, and lots of people would love it! That being said, I think the games page should be reorganized as well. I've seen some good games stuck in the back that…
  • That looks super cool!
  • . . . ? I'm assuming you want to accumulate points whenever you kill an enemy, and when you have enough you can move on to the next level. (Mailbox-sent from enemy prior to death, either make a death animation or use a timer to delay the use of …
  • You can get download your game and export it as an app if you're a paid member. Idk about multiplayer, it would probably hardly be used because not many people tend to play the same game at the same time, without friends or classmates.
  • That's very doubtful, post a link of your game so we can check it out.
  • Omg XD
  • New update To make the game less repetitive, there is a new feature added to Night 2 and 3. In Night 2, a vent door will appear below the two main doors, as well as "Crumbling Dreams" beginning to play. When you hear the music get louder, simply shu…
  • Very innovative! The overuse of ground block animations kind of make the game hard to play on weaker devices (such as mine), though. Fantastic job!
  • In game settings in the editor, there should be an option to allow your team to edit the game.
  • Omg! Grazer is here!! O:
  • You can already use message and connect the mailbox behavior to destroyer.
  • Night 3 is finally open to public! -Camera graphics were greatly improved; this includes the rooms, the decoration, and Bloodbear himself! -Foxy has come to play! He will move through the vents, and you will have to monitor/push him back regularly.…
    in Flowlab FNAF Comment by Luminous July 29
  • It's a solid start, with noticeable potential to become a good game. Nice work!
  • The spawn values are determined by pixels (32 pixels=1 block). You can decide on which grid you want it to appear, multiply both X and Y values by 32 and then you'll probably have the co-ords you want. 17x32=544 4x32=128
  • Thank you for the great tracks, as always!
  • You took 50 blocks for that title screen? You do realize that you can resize them in the editor, right? And... you're trying to make a FNAF UCN not even knowing how to toggle labels. Good luck with that
    in Flowlab FNAF Comment by Luminous July 26
  • It is more of a post-apocalyptic game, and I've got to say that it looks fantastic so far. Also, when asking for support, try to be more specific. What about the enemies do you need help with?
  • I had originally exported it from a different program, so the pictures would be in my folder when I need them A few bug fixes have been made, such as Slaughter appearing in Night 2 even when the camera's down. Also, the sounds for monitor use and …
    in Flowlab FNAF Comment by Luminous July 24
  • This guy's jumpscare actually made me jump in my chair. Meet Oldhead, the new animatronic that will jump scare you when the ventilation fails, instead of Bloodbear! (I couldn't think of a better name...) He actually has the most terrifying jumpsc…
    in Flowlab FNAF Comment by Luminous July 22

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