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Mhx Aîr


Mhx Aîr
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  • Side scrolling was much better, no load time, music won't reset.
    in Purple Comment by Mhx Aîr July 12
  • Yeah, that's right, but you were just barely moving and those big rocks were speeding past you. Wasn't sure if you noted that.
  • Shouldn't the background pass by slower than the foreground, not faster? It should be Front (tree) fast Game area normal Background 1 slow Bkg 2 slower Background sky slowest
  • Alright, so you messaged to me that you are having issues with checkpoints spawns, and enemies don't run away with proximity. I did notice that on the level after you get out of the ship, you spawn in the ground. While I did manage to clip and pop o…
  • I wasn't even aware of Z X C, since the screen before the game only shows WSAD and DPAD.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames I do think they loaded in my gif, but they are stuck in the top left corner for some reason. Is that why? Bad spawning code? I'm sure they all appeared, so a counter wouldn't help, if they're all just stacking in the corner off sc…
  • Oh and you asked for my input on SB2 vs SB3 and in the end it mostly just comes down to being cramped and dying constantly due to being cramped in SB3, where in SB2 I can freely glide around and dodge everything, and survive for up to 15 minutes or …
  • Hopefully not. That makes me want to put a cautionary GUI loading screen in my game, so it makes sure everything loads in the background with a checklist or something. If I ever run into something like this myself, I'll have to find a workaround. Do…
  • I just tried this game, and it is very very impressive. The animations are top, I backed up in my chair and said "Whoa" like 6 times playing this. I'm very interested in seeing the story progression, because that immediate plot progression from off …
  • This is actually really cool. I love brain games. I got stuck on 5 and 10 for a bit. This is actually one of the few games I favored on flowlab, I've never seen such a good puzzle game. It's not too common that I have to think during a game. I hope …
    in Purple Comment by Mhx Aîr July 11
  • grazer made that last year, it should definitely be in the help page somewhere. Edit: Turns out it was the example image and right at the bottom labeled Super Mario gravity or something like that.
  • Took a couple refreshes but it loaded the 3rd time. I wonder why it sometimes does nothing.
  • Above I mentioned minigames. I decided to take a few of the games I threw away in the past, and use them remade as 8bit microgames, which are also multiplayer. I got the idea to have a TV in the room and you can load up games you unlock and play the…
  • Are you doing something with your game? I just went to try it out, and nothing ever happens. I recorded a gif to show you. Not sure if you are just editing it or something. I'm getting a ton of points to do nothing. Edit: Over 100k points later, …
  • It looks very nice, and I was going to have a lot of similar mechanics. I was also going to consider removing flip, so you can walk, run, and jump backwards while shooting forwards, and also remove that swap effect for which hand shoots. In my case,…
  • I just haven't had time to read it, because there's a lot of stuff. I can't really look and read, since I'm at work, I've been working for I don't know 7 hours, but I'll read it when I get off in 2 or 3 hours. I've just been pretty busy lately, so I…
  • @CrimsonBlackGames Oh, I see what you were talking about. That's just a drop. Almost all electronic music uses two or three drops, and then changes the tempo, but they decided to use only one drop at the end, and not continue the song. I'm assuming…
  • @CrimsonBlackGames Define what you mean by climax at the end
  • @PixelPizza Always also does that, unless it was fixed. I knew NOR was broken, but I didn't notice raycast was.
  • So I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, so I rerecorded it at 290bpm, which is a tempo trick some people use to get 3x as many notes while mimicking a slow tempo. This way, I can get halfnotes and quirky tempos without breaking rhythm. Here…
  • Where
    in Mini Soccer Comment by Mhx Aîr July 9
  • Was driving at work and came up with a song in my head. I'm having a hard time writing it. It seems to be desynced, and it's a pain in my side. It's just slice of life music that will play when you're hanging out at the house or a cafe or something …
  • @grazer Capsule is very jank. It throws off the jump height, collision radius, and it feels like a wide oval, not a tall pill. It also makes slight inclines as slippery as ice. I'd rather use flat on flat if possible, but clipped corners should hop…
  • Figured I'd ask since it mentioned hitbox resizing.
  • I'm only using 8 directions, so it sets a direction based on buttons pressed set to a toggle stick.
  • Hey you say $16 and a few bucks per instrument pack is expensive, but the premium PC version is $1,000 and I can't use that on my phone. I still have FL Studio 10 from my XP, and I can't afford anything else. It was just a suggestion, I'm sure there…
  • @grazer Looks like they suggest negative chains or clipping edges. Would you be able to make clipped hitboxes? Either clipping the corners to a rectangular octagon, or clipping the corners to a rectangular dodecagon should fix the issue, right?
  • Hm... Well, if I have time during the afternoon, I can. I have a few things to do today. I'll let you know if I do.
  • @PixelPizza Do you mean on the FL Studio Mobile? I just bought more orchestra exp instruments for $6 and they all sound like real instruments. Look under Direct Wave. Those are instrument clips, not synths.
  • @grazer There seems to be a pixel around movable rectangles. If you see when I go in the hole, the left invisible pixel disappears and the right side has 2 invisible pixels when you flip, which leads me to believe that flip is also off by 1 pixel. …

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