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  • I don't really like workarounds to avoid an issue. We have grazer, he can fix it.
    in The Graveyard 2 Comment by Latif June 17
  • @JR 01 Already tried that, doesn't work. You do know this is in the HTML5 version right? It doesn't flicker in the flash version for me. Also, there shouldn't even be a delay between done and start. That doesn't make any sense.
    in The Graveyard 2 Comment by Latif June 17
  • @my_name () ahem You can play the HTML5 version here. But @grazer still needs to fix some issues: 1) The spawn behavior is just completely broken because it usually spawns the object at the wrong y position. 2) When a skeleton spawns from a gra…
    in The Graveyard 2 Comment by Latif June 17
  • @Johnny boy It was just for my birthday lol @my_name () Didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing it out.
    in The Graveyard 2 Comment by Latif June 15
  • @my_name () Thanks! Added your highscore.
    in The Graveyard 2 Comment by Latif June 15
  • @rcreger There's no currency yet in The Graveyard 2. Bones in the first game should actually work, and it does for me. @Johnny boy Added your highscore. It's not bad though, around 67 you're at the max speed.
    in The Graveyard 2 Comment by Latif June 14
  • @Johnny boy I kinda hated the idea of power ups because it basically gives you an advantage for no reason, and you need luck to have one spawned in your game too because it's random. I do plan to add new weapons, and you'll be able to see your highs…
    in The Graveyard 2 Comment by Latif June 13
  • @grazer Also happens in The Graveyard 2, when you kill a skeleton it spawns bones but sometimes they fall from the sky. Same thing happens with the bullet contrail. Sometimes it'll spawn in the wrong y position. Try jumping and shooting at the same…
  • Thank you everyone Happy birthday @CrimsonBlackGames !
  • Lmao @CrimsonBlackGames Thanks @Johnny boy
  • You can make an animation with just 1 frame and start the animation when you want to change the appearance of the player (so when you collide with the collectable item you have to start the animation). Also make sure "stay on last frame" is enabled …
  • Today is the day before @CrimsonBlackGames turns 17, and of course my birthday.
  • When editing the description of your game you'll see this link that goes to the same page: You didn't help us at all lol
  • @JR 01 You can already change the color. It uses the background color of the level that is about to load. If you don't want the level and loading screen to have the same background color you can create a background object that covers the whole scr…
  • I really like the dash mechanic and the effects. Oh and we need 16x16px objects
  • 5) In the HTML5 version you added a display order property for objects in the user interface, but it doesn't seem to work. If this feature was unintended, please fix it instead of removing it. I've always wanted it.
  • @grazer These issues are all in the HTML5 version: 1) The HTML5 version in Firefox feels a lot slower than in Chrome. It feels like everything is delayed, you should try it out yourself. 2) This one is hard to explain so just do the following: * O…
  • I got the same thing once. Reloading the page solved the issue, but I have no idea how to reproduce it.
  • @Mhx Aîr English is everywhere on the internet, it's in every game I play, every YouTube video I watch, every forum I read and it has even been a subject at school for almost 5 years. Learning English all went without saying. It actually went so far…
  • I've been using flowlab since 2012. That's... 7 years ago. I joined the forum much later in 2015 because I was like 10 in 2012. I couldn't even write a single word in English.
  • @rcreger That's very positive! Thank you! If you look at the behaviors in the graveyard it is just a mess. It's even hard to me to figure out how stuff works so I can modify it/add new features. There's no worse feeling than accidentally removing…
  • You don't need permission to review my games. You can say it's bad, you can say it's good, it's all up to you.
  • Select the polygon collision shape so it'll use the shape of the object's sprite.
    in Slope engine Comment by Latif May 29
  • I still don't understand how @Wizardry figured out you can use javascript in expressions. Oh wait he's a wizard... Right. @grazer You should make a date behavior that simply returns the year/month/day etc. in separate outputs. Using an expression …
  • It's possible, and I don't even think it's tricky either. The hardest part would probably be spawning the zombies, and increasing the difficulty every wave. Anyway, instead of asking "how do I make a game like [insert game here]" you should try mak…
  • It's either the thing what Mhx said with the warning or save the exact positions of objects instead of the position in the grid. After all those years I think it's finally time for a customizable grid. We got exporting games to mobile, online multi…
    in 16x16 Tile Grid Comment by Latif May 25
  • @grazer The gray lines though..
  • @grazer How long ago was that? I've never seen it. I made a gif on how grid changing should look like: The objects will always be placed on the top-left corner of the grid cell. All objects in the gif are 32x32px except for the pink one, which is …
    in 16x16 Tile Grid Comment by Latif May 25
  • Yes I have suggested this for ages, and an option to disable snap to grid for objects too. Grid offset could also be very useful: If you want an object to be centered between 4 grid cells (the purple object in the image).
    in 16x16 Tile Grid Comment by Latif May 25

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