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On screen text?

edited February 2014 in General
How do i put text on the screen before playing and as soon as they start playing it goes away? please help


  • 1) Create an object (it can be off screen if you want) and add a "Label" behavior to it
    2) Set the label to the text you would like to display
    3) Add a trigger (timer maybe?) connected to a "Destroy" behavior - the text will go away when the object is destroyed.
  • edited February 2014
  • make a game for that pl.s.
  • Maybe
    1. Create an object then name it anything you want
    2. add collision to your player then connect it on the label
  • but can you like make it appear when you get a weapon like a label like shotgun appers when you get the gun
  • use alpha
  • Guys this is from 2014, please stop commenting the original poster is already gone.
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