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How to stop my character from constantly gliding?
my character Zackary keeps gliding around the map, anyone want to help?

@Grazer @jngthree @Latif3


  • Gliding? I think you already fixed it.
  • Nah, he gets pulled towards the edges of the map for some reason...
  • Try using spacebar to kill the first knight, you'll see what I mean.
  • Wait, never mind I got it. Thanks though!
  • Hey Tommyx2x14,

    Every object has both a position property, and a velocity (speed). The behaviors controlling Zachary only update the position, never the velocity.

    What can happen is if he collides with a moving object (like a Knight), he will bounce off of them and begin moving himself. You can still update his position with the controls, but he keeps "gliding" around even after you move him.

    There are a couple of ways to solve this problem. One way would be to set his velocity x & y to 0 every frame with an "always" trigger, so that he only ever moves when repositioned with your keyboard triggers.

    A simpler solution would just be to open up the "position" node in Zachary's behaviors, and check the "reset speed on update" box. This way his velocity will be set to 0 each time you move him.

    Hope this helps.
  • @grazer can you please look at my thread
  • @grazer Thanks man, really helps a lot
    This sounds like sarcasm, but it is not
  • i need help for a school project and my character keeps gliding and i need help to fix it
  • @Salad Masher - only use the "Capsule" collision shape for the player, not the ground blocks. Capsules have no friction on their top or sides.
  • woah a dead discussion from like 3-4 years ago
  • Oh that's why everyone says "Capsule" is bad!
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