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Heres a Tip for Some People: How to Get to a new level using a alert.

Here is Everything You need to do! By this you will click the button on the alert and it will teleport you to a new level!

Create a new level (This will be the level your character gets teleported to)
Go to the Block you want the alert to be "Behaviors": Click "Collision"
Click the "Alert" Behavior
Edit your alert to however you want it to say.
Go and click the behavior "New Level"
Pick the level you want the character to be teleported to.
Then Connect the "Collision "Alert" "New Level" All Together.

Now when you go to that block, it will say your alert, then you click the button and it will bring you to that level!

Hope this worked!

BTW: It took me a couple of hours to figure this out. I Had no help doing this :)


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