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Donkey Kong "Rope Physics" Attempt

edited July 2014 in Game Design
Here, I made this in about maybe half an hour to an hour. Maybe it will help, but even I couldn't get the rope physics right. Ignore the graphics, I made them in paint and didn't feel like putting in too much work on them.


  • Hey Mhx, I think this is a cool demo! Make it a game! Is he wearing a tie? Maybe Grazer should have some Flowlab merchandise made...ties, stickers, caps etc...They can be part of the competition prize if I ever get enough takers...
  • Yes Donkey Kong wears a red tie with DK on it. Also, I made this demo because a few people were having problems making ladders and ropes.
    I'm actually pausing DA again to work on another game.
    Hopefully I can get more done in this new game, because it uses less effort.
  • edited July 2014
    There you go, just for you I spent another half hour and made a full level. Enjoy :)
    Yes it will be buggy, ex the crocs will fly off the ground because their behaviors get disabled off screen by grazers method to save memory and buffer. I'm not going to fix anything because it's an example.
    There is another bug like in his monkey game where you get stuck and can't jump unless you fall down a step. This is due to a collision check error where the game engine doesn't notice you touch the ground and turn (on) the switch to allow jumping. I can't do anything about it, except I made it so if this does happen, pressing down will allow you to jump again.
  • It plays well Mhx, great reference as well for ladder climbing logic.

    Have you started the new game?
  • Nope, I've been spending a lot of my time making high res sprites, which is something I don't really enjoy, since I prefer 8-bit or 16-bit spriting. Even still, it looks much better on an iPhone in 32-bit than if I made NES graphics.
  • edited July 2014
    Can you guess what my inspiration was for the game I'm working on?

    I like how I gave it an optical illusion so it looks like the stars blow in different directions than just going down.

  • i love the trails behind the ships, IT LOOKS AMAZING!
  • edited July 2014
    I'll admit I spent hours and hours on just the little I made, but I do love the trails :)
  • Trails/Stars look slick! It's iphone size, how do you see the controls working? Tilt:move ship left/right Tap: fire?
  • edited July 2014
    Grazer doesn't have tilt, just shake. Besides, I was thinking about slim neon buttons at the bottom and a toggle stick if I can pull it off. I want there to be shoot, bomb, and special. Each ship class has different weapons.
    I made a logo for it, but unfortunately, the logo lost about half it's color and shine.
    I can't seem to get it to keep it's color. Damn .png files, man...
    Anyway, I'll work more on the logo some other time, hopefully it looks good to you guys, because I'm going to give it a big incoming animation sequence.
  • edited July 2014
    Here, click the link and watch for about a minute.
    I'm considering adding Co-op for the PC version.
  • Looks cool. Only thing I would say is that it's quite difficult to read the word 'Vade' underneath...

    What's the background to the name of the game 'Xediga'?
  • edited July 2014
    Yeah, I was thinking of lightening up the word Vade, idk why tf the image is so dark there, but the Xediga was so bright and colorless.

    Xediga Vade
    Xevious, Gradius, Galaga, Space Invaders.
    I'm also going to throw in other inspired ships from other games too.
    The concept remains the same though. Shooting, bombing, powerups, dodge enemies.
  • Love the ships, especially the trails! Also love the Donkey Kong ropes - you have dialed it in to play really nicely :)
  • Cool game. What I want to make is something like Streets of Rage 1. I beat it for the first time today. That would be fun to make.
  • edited July 2014
    Thanks guys, hopefully I can pull off a vertical scroller that doesn't actually scroll. The annoying thing is I want the player to not go off screen, but I want enemies to come in from off screen... The other annoying thing is I want to have a full scrolling level, but I want to be able to move up and down, without going past the screen. Oh sure, I can pull it off somehow, but the thing is it's freaking annoying as hell man. Say I want enemies to spawn in at some point, basically I can just have a background be continuously emitted and have enemies be emitted with timers, and never even have to move from my 10x15 box.

    (Hold Spacebar at the title screen to unleash a few test enemies)
  • Streets of Rage huh? Oh yeah, hey that's easier than Mortal Combat because you don't need extended body parts and pixel detection... Streets of Rage is like Double Dragons, and their body parts don't extend past their boxes.
  • How did you do that rope stuff on the Donkey Kong game, there isn't any behaviors to the rope.
  • Oh wait, I see.
  • I can't find the rope physics either! Where is it stored?
  • There aren't any. It was player collision rope velocity or something like that. There are better ways to do it now since 2014.
  • Oh! Well, thank you for getting back to me! I've been struggling to add ropes in my game, and I haven't been able to find any newer posts to help me figure them out.
  • edited May 2018

    You should try player small proximity to rope - on/off switch behavior system

    Normally you have gravity, disable it, set player to always down with a motor

    When proximity to rope, xor the always to the motor, so you stop falling. If always goes in one xor, and the proximity hits the other xor, the xor won't work with two things going in, so motor stops

    Do this with up/down controls as well, but with AND, so you can only use up and down with proximity to rope, and when not on the rope, xor works again, so motor pulls you again, and without proximity to rope, AND won't work for up and down.

    I'm using this currently in my flowjam game.
  • Thank you! What game are you using this in? I'd love to check it out!
  • Hi! I'm sorry to bug you again, but I'm having some trouble implementing what you described. If it's not too much trouble, could you send me a picture of your "code" for it?
  • I don't have any code for it. The original game was done in 2014. We just got code exporting in 2017. The old version isn't compatible with the current flowlab. Most of my old games don't even work right anymore.

    I also don't have a current example either readily available. If I have free time, I'll make an example using ladder logic.
  • That's alright! Thank you again!
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